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Tea Party Patriots convened the first meeting of the UNYTEA Party to a packed house on September 24th.


Coordinator Mark Barie of Rouses Point explained:

“We are a grassroots organization of North Country residents who believe that partisan politics must give way to common sense and dollars and cents.  We cannot spend our way out of debt, nor should we insist on taxing those who work in the name of those who won’t.”

The group is actively looking to build its membership in the North Country, with the goal of 1,000 members by this time next year. Although, given the enthusiasm of the participants to date, Barie said he wouldn’t be surprised reached that number very quickly.

Recognition was given to Jonathan Nelson, who is credited with initiating the group first gathering in Trinity Park. Also introduced were members of the steering committee, which included Nelson, John Ianelli, Greg Laduke, Dr. John Middleton, Kirk Stallsmith, Jim Wemett, and John VanNatten. In addition to the steering committee, the group is looking for coordinators for every county, town and village in the North Country.

For more information about UNYTEA, visit their Web site at The group may also be reached via e-mail at

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