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GOP elephant dead

This morning I was shocked to read that the National Republican Congressional Committee had recruited Newt Gingrich to endorse their failed congressional choice for the NY 23rd Congressional District special election.  I quickly penned and sent a letter to Mr. Gingrich:

Dear Mr. Gingrich,

I read with disgust this morning that you are being called upon to provide an endorsement for the Republican candidate for New York’s 23rd Congressional District.

I will provide you some unsolicited advice.  Stay Away.

The people of the 23rd District deserve a choice on their election ballot.  The choice betwen Owens and Scozzafava is a choice between Democrat and Democrat-Lite.  With Owens being the Democrat-Lite candidate.

Both of those candidates are tainted by endorsements and support from the axis of corruption, ACORN, SEIU and WFP (Working Families Party).  I would not be caught dead voting for any candidate so tainted and I believe that any American reasonably informed about the background of those entities would agree.

We in the Tea Party movement have been working for real change in our elected reresentatives.  The fact that the Republican Party in New York State is so tone deaf as to nominate a liberal to run in a conservative district indicates that it is in a continued state of denial.  The ground has shifted.  We are fed up with corruption, cronyism, business as usual from both sides of the aisle, and we are willing to fight to effect that change.

I am a registered Republican, and, although I do not live in the 23rd District, I would be proud to pull the lever for a third party candidate such as Doug Hoffman, who reflects the values of the district, over a Republican who is a Republican In Name Only.

Some may say we would split the vote and lose the District.  I say the district has been lost for years with John McHugh, who sold his soul on Cap and Tax to secure his job as Secretary of the Army, and would still be lost if Scozzafava is elected.

If it takes the destruction of the Republican Party in New York to change its liberal mindset then so be it.

It is our battle to fight in every district in New York State, not yours.  You did great work in the 1990’s with the Contract for America and getting out of control spending under control.  Unfortunately those victories were frittered away in the years afterwards.  You have much to offer in advice and framing the argument, but that does not extend to preaching to those who kept up the fight in the years since.  Do not demean your stature by fighting for the wrong side of history.


Dan Maloney
NY State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles

It is time to start taking back our party, our districts, our state and our nation.

If you can support the conservative insurgency in district 23 go here and donate!

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