Action Alert! Return of the Eagles!

There comes a time for each generation when it must take a stand regardless of the odds or obstacles to defend and support its beliefs against all enemies.  There comes a moment when resolve and determination are challenged.  There comes a crux in history when a few good men can make the difference between victory and surrender.

For us that time has come.  There can be no going back.  There can be no do overs.  You have shown your resolve in the past.  It is time to show it in the present.

On Saturday, September 15th, in Washington, DC, all the forces that are actively attempting to defeat America will be present in their effort to force a surrender upon the United States Military.  A surrender that is unwarranted by any objective analysis of the military situation in the Middle East.  A surrender that would endanger every American in the near future, your families, your friends, your neighbors.

We have the power in our hands to prevent this.  We have the power to stare down, shout down and shut down the nihilist forces of the left.  We have the power to fight the insurgency at home as our servicemen and women are fighting the insurgency abroad.

Where will you be when the tides of history meet?  What are you willing to sacrifice to ensure victory?  With whom will you stand on this judgement day?  I, for one, will be standing with our fellow Eagles on the streets of Washington.  I will do this just as I did on March 17th when so many of us answered the call to defend our memorials.  There is no greater memorial than the United States, that which all our brave heroes gave their lives for.  I will not allow the enemies of our country to destroy it.

I hope you will join us.

Dan Maloney
New York State Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles


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