Positive Media about our September 15th Rally!

Have you read anywhere in the media about the Move America Forward cross-country caravan to Washington DC? Have you read about the Gathering of Eagles staging a massive Support Our Troops rally in Washington, DC, to counter the ANSWER fanatics who want to impose their “Surrender Now!” agenda on the American Military through a massive demonstration in the streets of Washington to pressure weak willed congressmen to reject General Petreaus’ report on Iraq before it is even delivered? No? I thought not. Here are links to some positive reporting for you.

Two great articles from our friend and supporter Judi McCloud of the Canada Free Press! Isn’t it a shame that you need to go to a Canadian newspaper to get accurate and fair reporting on the Gathering of Eagles, Move America Forward, and our missions from last March and September 15th? Outside of Michelle Malkin and a few other conservative commentators you will hear precious little from the Main Stream Media about us and then mostly couched in terms like pro-war or fascist or some other garbage from the left wing playbook.

So for a breath of fresh air read:



Here is Michelle Malkin’s excellent OpEd from August 29th:


Make your reservations now for travel to Washington, DC, on September 15th. Plan on being there before 9:00 am and staying through at least 5 pm.

If you are coming from NY State, NYC or Long Island and wish to make a reservation on one of our buses email me as soon as possible with your location and the number of seats you need.

To visit our Gathering of Eagles forums on our website go to:


Our troops give up years of their lives to protect our country. All too often they give up more. Can we not give up a day or two of our lives to demonstrate our support for them and their mission? Can we leave the radical communist and jihadi agitators to control the field of public opinion? I think not. Not and be able to sleep at night knowing that we shirked our moment to stand up against the tide of left wing lunacy that is trying desperately to force a surrender on our country. Not and be able to visit a Vietnam memorial and know we did not stand against the hordes of dupes funded by the likes of George Soros and Jane Fonda who have no idea what our retreat from Vietnam cost the vietnamese people and did to the honor of our fallen brothers and sisters in arms.

Where will YOU be on September 15th?

Enjoying the fruits of freedom and liberty which our veterans fought and died to provide you? Or standing firm in Washington to protect them for our children and grandchildren?

Only you can decide.

I’ll be standing with our veterans and patriots in Washington, DC.

Dan Maloney


  1. OIFVet

    See ya there! We’ll be in DC on Friday night, know of any pre-event Gatherings going on?


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