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Gathering of Eagles
Action Alert – Cindy Sheehan in NYC on Sunday

Who: Cindy Sheehan
What: Gathering of faint Hearts Rally/Concert
Where: Central Park, East Meadow, 5th Ave & East 97th Street
Opposite Mt. Sinai Medical Center
When: Sunday, July 29th, Noon to 6pm

Plan: Gather at 5th Ave & East 97th Street at Noon.

We will proceed into the park and stake out a prominent location. We will voice our Support for our Troops and disdain for Ms. Sheehan as loudly and vocally as possible. We will use our first amendment right to free speech to interrupt her traitorous bile. Remember, Casey was a Hero, Cindy is a Zero!

Bring flags, signs, banners, cow bells, duck callers anything you might need for a day in the park with moonbats. If you arrive late just enter the park through that entrance and look for the cluster of American flags (we can be certain the traitors won’t have them).


Cindy Sheehan, estranged mother of the hero, Casey Sheehan, who died in Iraq trying to help his wounded comrades, has made a career out of lending aid and comfort to our enemies. She has been a willing pawn of the radical left wing. Her celebrated retirement earlier this year ended this month when she decided to mount a “Walk for Humanity” (In which she hasn’t walked a mile) from Crawford, TX, to New York City.

The Gathering of Eagles has met her every step of the way. We mounted counter protests at Ft. Benning, Georgia, Charlotte, North Carolina, Charlotteville, Virginia, Arlington, Virginia and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She retreated from many of those engagements.

We want her to know that we in New York support our troops and have nothing but scorn and disdain for anyone espousing treason who stands to encourage the enemy to prolong and intensify their actions against our brave men and women. We want her to know that the Gathering of Eagles and all our allies and friends will do everything in our power to shout truth to her seditious lies. We want her to know, when she leaves for her Mideast “Traitor’s Tour” next week, that Americans despise what she is doing!

We want our troops in the field to know that we have their backs at home; whenever and wherever we must be. They are sacrificing years of their lives for us, we can damn well sacrifice a day for them!

Please forward this email to every person, group and organization you know!

Eagles Up!

Dan Maloney                       
New York Coordinator     
Gathering of Eagles