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Cindy Sheehan and the surrender monkeys are coming to New York on the last weekend in July.  On Sunday, July 29, they plan to have a rally in Central Park called the “Gathering of Faint Hearts”.  This is the final event on her bus ride ‘walk’ across America from Crawford, Texas.  Cindy, obviously feeling the need for more derision and scorn from the American public, returned from retirement for a new round of ego fulfilling publicity stunts.  Eagles along her route have been notified and are turning out to fulfill her need for psychological abuse.  We here in New York can do no less!  Let’s oblige the lady with a nice chorus of Bronx cheers!

Stand by for updates on exact locations and times.

Times Square Again!

Gathering of Eagles Action Alert

Monday, July 16th, 4:00 pm to 6:30 pm, Times Square, Broadway and W. 43rd St.

Less than two weeks after a crazed moonbat shot and critically wounded a 22yr old Iraqi War Veteran in New Jersey, Troops Out Now Coalition has decided to have another anti-troop rally at the Times Square Recruiters Station that is the constant target of such vile protests.

Join us in support of our troops and their mission to provide a protective buffer across the entrance to the station.  Bring flags and signs demonstrating our support.

Dan Maloney
New York Coordinator
Gathering of Eagles