Who is Marge Trowbridge and what does she have to do with being in Maine this weekend?

Last summer, MargeTrowbridge and Elaine Lang stood up for what they believed, in the face of 600 anti-war protesters in Kennebunkport.  Here is what the local news reported on them: 

“Sanford native Marge Trowbridge took a different slant on the day. Trowbridge walked 20 feet in front of the protesters sporting a sign that read, “Help me! I’m surrounded by idiots!”

“At the Kennebunkport Marina, boat owner Elaine Lang stood proudly beside a sign that read, “We support our troops.” Lang said she wasn’t protesting the protest, nor taking a pro or con Bush stand. “It’s just simple support for the troops,” she said.”

Two people, standing up for the troops made a difference and kept the media story from being entirely one-sided.  They were Eagles before we had Eagles! There are some true patriots in Maine who deserve our support.



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