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Highland Falls and West Point were rocking today!

That’s the sort of thing that happens when a couple of hundred bikes roll into town on the annual ‘Salute to Veterans’ ride sponsored by Rolling Thunder NY3.  Mayor Joe D’Onofrio once again excelled as Master of Ceremonies for the laying of a wreath at Memorial Park.

We caught the Mayor in a candid moment before the bikes arrived:

But the peaceful moment passed quickly as the bikes began to roll in, welcomed by townsfolk:

At Memorial Park the Mayor, dignitaries such as Dave Hansen, President of Rolling Thunder NY3, Gold Star Moms, Veterans from Montrose VA Hospital and a Gathering of Eagles color guard waited for the ceremony to begin.

The big flag was hung from a West Point Fire Department tower ladder:

Mayor Joe addressing the crowd:

RTNY3 President Dave Hansen addressing the crowd:

The laying of the wreath with the Gold Star Moms:

And finally, after the conclusion of the ceremony, Mayor Joe saluting the riders as they rolled out of town:

Once again the Salute to Veterans Ride was an outstanding success!

More pictures are here.

His arrogance is simply beyond words:

So, while Gathering of Eagles members were rallying in support of our troops outside the gates of West Point last night, the blowhard Chris Matthews was openly showing which side he is on.

Now for the pro-troops, pro-America side:

Dennis sends this report:

The moonbats began forming up at the park around 5:30 as we arrived at McDonalds.

Our signs were aimed at support for our troops and not pro or con Obama’s decision. The moonbats were upset that he was sending more troops to Afghanistan and we were upset that it took him 3 months to provide the support that our troops already in Afghanistan needed. Our signs proclaimed our support for our troops, their mission, and America. “Peace must be earned,” No to socialized healthcare, “Peace through strength,” and “Change? Chump Change!” were all well received. However, the sign that really got under their skin was “Exit strategy = WE WIN!”

We had the only American flag that wasn’t in some form of distress. The moonbats had about 100 – 150 in attendance, not a great turnout.

The moonbats did not go unchallanged. The news people in fact interviewed several of us and one of the moonbats with a TV camera tried to make like he was a journalist until his validity was questioned and he returned to his buddies. The locals were supportive of us and, all in all, I would have to say that we mounted a reasonably successful counter to them.

Among the moonbats was our old friend “Bubbles” from the Saturday rallies in Poughkeepsie with Pete [Seeger]. He must have thought he was Michelle Malkin as he came over and gave Vincent a kiss on the head. Vincent will never be the same again.

From the Lower Hudson Journal News:

Like the anti-war protesters, Maloney was also critical of Obama — but for taking too long to send in reinforcements. He said it was important to remain in Afghanistan to keep the United States safe.

”If you consider the fact that that area of the world produced people who killed 3,000 Americans in America, maybe it’s about time we went over there and stomped them out,“ said Maloney, who added that he was representing the Gathering of Eagles, a national group dedicated to supporting the troops”

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Matthew Landis, a 40-year-old sergeant in the Air Force Reserves, stopped by the protest with his 12-year-old stepson. He became angry when he saw some of the protesters yelling at Army guards at the gate.

“All these people standing here, they have the privilege to do this, and that privilege was given to them by men and women that died on the beaches of Normandy and in so many wars for freedom,” Landis said.

He said it was important to him to come out and be one voice on the other side of the debate.

Thank you to all those folks who came out to support our troops and do NOT consider West Point to be an enemy camp!

Here is a video which mostly features the moonbats including IVAW fraud and rapist Matthis Chiroux, but which also has short clips of GOE Troop supporters.

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The West Point 4th of July Parade is amazing.  Something for everyone!

Troops of the 101st Airborne


A Mayor riding horseback


Colonial Militia marching in the streets


And voluptuous Indian maidens lining the parade route!


And a friendly and patriotic crowd to boot!

Once again we joined our friend, Mayor Joe D’Onofrio, West Point Garrison Commander, Colonel Dan Bruno, and a host of other organizations to march in the West Point/Highland Falls Independence Day Parade.  The 101st Airborne, Military Order of the Purple Heart, Wounded Warriors, American Legion Ladies Auxiliary, Rolling Thunder, and many more groups took part.  Once again the people of Highland Falls and the surrounding communities made us all feel welcome and right at home.

Watching Mayor Joe ride his horse was more than worth the price of admission!  An extra treat was seeing Gary and his half track!  Highland Falls feels just like its nickname “Hometown, USA”.

Thank you all for having us!

More pictures are here.

Red Squirrel’s reports and photos are here. and here.


We had the opportunity to support the Rolling Thunder NY 3 Memorial Ride to Highland Falls (West Point) today.

It was a beautiful sunny day and hundreds of bikes rolled into the quiet hamlet after passing through West Point.

Mayor Joe Donofrio did a superb job as master of ceremonies.  Some veterans from Montrose and Castle Point attended as well as many townspeople.  Bagpipers led the West Point Color Guard down Main Street to the Flag suspended by a West Point Fire Department tower ladder.

Excellent speeches by Gary Scheffmeyer, President of Rolling Thunder, Dave Hansen, President of Rolling Thunder NY 3, a WWII POW veteran and others were warmly received by the crowd.  Veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan were applauded.

It was another beautiful, patriotic day in Highland Falls!

After the service the Bikes rolled out on their way to Stewart Airport where Rolling Thunder NY 3 had the Moving Vietnam Wall assembled.

Links to pictures are here.


West Point Graduation Day, May 23, 2009, was idyllic!  Beautiful sunny weather, low humidity, light breezes and NO Moonbats!

For the first time since we have mounted our campaign to welcome the families of West Point graduates there were none of the despicable flag draped coffins lining the West Point Highway!  For the first time in years, graduates’ families could enjoy the day without having to run a gamut of demoralizing images that the hate America crowd used to display all along their route.  It was indeed Victory in Highland Falls Day!

Getting an early start from all points of the compass, Eagles rose early and flocked to Highland Falls where we erected out flags, placed our signs, hung our balloons, manned the outpost outside the Thayer Gate, and cheered and waved to the families of our West Point graduates!

It took three years, but we can truthfully say now that we came, we saw, we conquered!

We also ate a lot of donuts!  Thanks, Bobbie!

It was a wonderful feeling to know that we gave the families of the graduates a sense of the support that most of America feels to their sons and daughters who both enrolled and graduated from our military academy in a time of war. Families like that of Caroline Miller who is the seventh generation of graduates from West Point, the longest unbroken line of graduates in the Academy’s history.

More pictures are here and here.

Although no media reported on our presence (Like that’s a surprise), there were several stories about the graduation and graduates.  A sampling are here, here and here.