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Remember when seal clubbing used to be about this?

Not any more!

The new blood sport in the politically correct environment of the Obama adminstration is to club SEALs who wear this:

The New York Post has the story.

Personally, I think punching the guy who organized the brutal murder of Americans in Fallujah, Iraq, whose lifeless bodies were then mutilated and hung from a bridge like this:

Should be reprimanded for not severing every one of this terrorist’s extremities.

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Lynne Stewart, a probable enabler of the 911 attacks, was finally told to start serving her sentence for her conviction on aiding and abetting terrorism.

The unrepentent Stewart lost her appeal of the conviction.  She was disbarred from practicing law in New York, although that did not keep Hoftsra University from having her join a panel on ‘Legal Ethics’.

Patriots in New York protested outside one of her fundraising ‘gloat’ sessions all the way back in December 2006.  Friends like Ward Chruchill were present.

For selling out her country she got only 28 months, pathetic.  Hopefully a review will upgrade that to 28 years or more.

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The ABA story is here.

Now if they would just prosecute “Pinch” Sulzberger and Bill Keller of the New York Times…

Here Keller adjusts a picture of his hero in the Times office:

The FBI has issued a Terror Alert related to their raid in Queens on Monday.

Confederate Yankee reports:

Hydrogen peroxide is a key ingredient in the home-brew explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP. It is a very unstable and made with relatively common chemicals, and has been used in numerous plots around the world.

CBS reports:

Counter-terrorism officials on Tuesday urged local police to be on the lookout for evidence of homemade bombs, a day after the FBI raided four apartments in Queens looking for bomb-making components.

UpdateNY Jihad Raid Goes National Denver suspect received explosives training in Pakistan, admits Al Qaeda ties.

UpdatePlotters tried to rent large truck in Queens.

The truck rental bid failed when none of the men could produce a valid credit card. All refused to surrender the identification needed to pay cash

This house in Flushing, NY, (part of New York City) was searched in connection with an Al Qaeda cell yesterday afternoon.

NYC Terror

No word on arrests and what was found at the location.

This is a wake up call for those that think the War on Terror is over.

Wake up and smell the coffee.


Terror Plot Was/Is on the scale of 9/11

Do you remember?

The morning of death from the skies, the towering infernos, the innocent leaping to their deaths to escape the flames, the faces of the brave firemen rushing into the holocaust to rescue those trapped above, never to be seen again?

You should.

or Visit 911 Never Forget which has a permanent location on our sidebar.

Now the Barack Obama Administration and the willing accomplices of Congress want you to forget.

We can Never Forget.

Trying to convert the remembrance of September 11th into some smarmy community service holiday is a direct affront to the memories of those heroes who gave their lives in attempts to protect the innocent.  It is a concession of victory for the Islamofascists who brutally killed our countrymen.  It is yet another display of the weakness of Barack Obama and the Congressional stooges who are promoting it, they are prepared to accept defeat over victory.

Weakness begets Terror.

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The Lonely Conservative weighs in.


Another recent convert to Islam, Abdulhaqim Mujahid Muhammad, aka Carlos Bledsoe, decided to practice his knew belief in the “Religion of Peace” by emptying the magazine of his semi-automatic rifle at two American soldiers.  The two soldiers had recently completed Army basic training and were deployed back to their home town as part of the “Hometown Recruiting Assistance” program.  The soldiers were taking a break outside the doors of an Army/Navy Career Center in Little Rock, Arkansas, at about 10am, when the terrorist pulled up in his Ford SUV, unloaded his magazine, and sped off.

Private William Long, 23, of Conway, AR, was killed in the fusillade.  Private Quinton Ezeagwula, 18, of Jacksonville, AR, was seriously wounded.

Police apprehended the suspect on a highway overpass shortly thereafter and then executed a search warrant at his home.  They confiscated an SKS rifle, .380 semiautomatic pistol and a .22 rifle.

At an afternoon press conference, police stated that the terrorist attacked the soldiers for “ideological reasons” and “with the specific purpose of targeting the military”.  Left unstated was whether Bledsoe was converted in prison.

This is the latest and most deadly of a string of planned attacks on military personnel in the United States by Islamic fanatics.  We wrote recently about the planned attack on the Air National Guard in Newburgh, NY, and others have written about the planned attack on Fort Dix in New Jersey.

Our hearts go out to the families of Pvt Long and Pvt Ezeagwula, who were attacked not because of who they were, but what they represented, the best of America who would defend us against the evil represented in the murderous ideology that is being allowed to infiltrate our country through the prison system and through radical mosques.

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Jihad Watch Update:  Terrorist went to Yemen for advanced jihad training:

I have learned from a well-placed source that Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad, who killed one soldier and wounded another at a a Little Rock military recruiting center today, and who faces charges of terrorism as well as first-degree murder, has recently returned from Yemen, where he studied jihad with an Islamic scholar there.

Apparently the Islamic scholar under whom this American convert to Islam studied was yet another misunderstander of Islam’s true, peaceful teachings.

Perhaps it is time to take a closer look at all who have traveled to Yemen in the past seven years…

More updates here.

No statement from the White House on this domestic terrorist attack.

A milblogger asks “What is more important to President Obama?”

Not surprisingly, the main stream media is barely giving notice to this attack.