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ACORN falls back on strong arm tactics to stem the flow of revelations!


Rolling out their political stooges like Barney Frank to threaten investigations into the muckraking going on over at

Now ACORN has called out their legions of lawyers to go after the courageous young duo who exposed the corrupt criminal underpinnings of the monolithic criminal enterprise for all the world to see.

The tentacles of the ACORN monster plunge deep into the political structure of the Democrat party and will exert all of their “power of persuasion” to drive politicians, lawyers, district attorneys and anyone they’ve bought in the past to their defence.

Like cannon fodder they will be used up trying to defend the indefensible.

The rot in the ACORN tree will eventually cause it to fall.

Michelle Malkin has the scoop

The Wall Street Journal covered the Barney Frank angle.

Another view is that ACORN has just sprayed Miracle Grow on the seeds of their own destruction by opening the door to discovery by the attorneys for the defendants!  From Jonah GOldberg:

Fourth, even if the defendants don’t plead any counterclaims, the scope of discovery against ACORN will be incredibly broad, as it almost always is in civil litigation. ACORN has far, far more to lose from what could come out during discovery than what they are asking for in this suit.

Time to pop some popcorn!

Jonn at TAH slaps down Barney Frank’s attempt to pin ACORN on Bush!

Allahpundit says this is War!

Need any more be said?

For more background read this.

Blatant corruption and the arrogance to go with it.