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His arrogance is simply beyond words:

So, while Gathering of Eagles members were rallying in support of our troops outside the gates of West Point last night, the blowhard Chris Matthews was openly showing which side he is on.

Now for the pro-troops, pro-America side:

Dennis sends this report:

The moonbats began forming up at the park around 5:30 as we arrived at McDonalds.

Our signs were aimed at support for our troops and not pro or con Obama’s decision. The moonbats were upset that he was sending more troops to Afghanistan and we were upset that it took him 3 months to provide the support that our troops already in Afghanistan needed. Our signs proclaimed our support for our troops, their mission, and America. “Peace must be earned,” No to socialized healthcare, “Peace through strength,” and “Change? Chump Change!” were all well received. However, the sign that really got under their skin was “Exit strategy = WE WIN!”

We had the only American flag that wasn’t in some form of distress. The moonbats had about 100 – 150 in attendance, not a great turnout.

The moonbats did not go unchallanged. The news people in fact interviewed several of us and one of the moonbats with a TV camera tried to make like he was a journalist until his validity was questioned and he returned to his buddies. The locals were supportive of us and, all in all, I would have to say that we mounted a reasonably successful counter to them.

Among the moonbats was our old friend “Bubbles” from the Saturday rallies in Poughkeepsie with Pete [Seeger]. He must have thought he was Michelle Malkin as he came over and gave Vincent a kiss on the head. Vincent will never be the same again.

From the Lower Hudson Journal News:

Like the anti-war protesters, Maloney was also critical of Obama — but for taking too long to send in reinforcements. He said it was important to remain in Afghanistan to keep the United States safe.

”If you consider the fact that that area of the world produced people who killed 3,000 Americans in America, maybe it’s about time we went over there and stomped them out,“ said Maloney, who added that he was representing the Gathering of Eagles, a national group dedicated to supporting the troops”

From the Poughkeepsie Journal:

Matthew Landis, a 40-year-old sergeant in the Air Force Reserves, stopped by the protest with his 12-year-old stepson. He became angry when he saw some of the protesters yelling at Army guards at the gate.

“All these people standing here, they have the privilege to do this, and that privilege was given to them by men and women that died on the beaches of Normandy and in so many wars for freedom,” Landis said.

He said it was important to him to come out and be one voice on the other side of the debate.

Thank you to all those folks who came out to support our troops and do NOT consider West Point to be an enemy camp!

Here is a video which mostly features the moonbats including IVAW fraud and rapist Matthis Chiroux, but which also has short clips of GOE Troop supporters.

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It is a heart warming message.

Last Saturday, as the last of our guys were leaving the corner at Rte 9 and Vassar Rd in Poughkeepsie, an SUV pulled to the curb and two young patriots jumped out and ran up to Steve to deliver these two beautiful Christmas cards!

The inscription reads:

Dear Veterans,

Thank You for supporting Our Troops.  We all appreciate you guys standing on Rt. 9 every Saturday.

From Your friends,

Sammy & Brianna

p.s.  We’re the people in the black Armada beeping like crazy.

Thank You, Sammy & Brianna, for supporting our troops!  It was a wonderful thing that you took the time to create such beautiful cards and make the time to get them to us.  We appreciate it greatly.  Your action makes the sacrifices we make to be there all the more meaningful.  It means that people are seeing, noticing and agreeing with our message.  That means the world to us and to the troops overseas.

More images from the two cards follow… Continue Reading »

What a Fabulous Group!


The Long Island Chapter of Soldiers’ Angels held a blow out Beach Party in Lindenhurst last night!

The Beach Hut on the Great South Bay was the perfect venue for a great evening of fun and entertainment.  The band, Artificial Flavor, kept the crowd rocking all night!



Although the overcast skies deprived us of a picture perfect sunset, the threatened rain never materialized.  Lots of folks young and old turned out to show their support to this great troop support organization.

Some of the highlights included patriotic karaoke, raffles of some fabulous prizes, excellent food, refreshing beverages and great company!

The Freeport Squadron of the Civil Air Patrol manned the Life Guard chair!


Beautiful smiles were everywhere!












Special Thanks to Soldiers Angels Community Team Leader Marie who organized the party and her handsome son who managed the Soldiers Angels T-shirt table!


Special Thanks are due also to ‘L’, manager of the Beach Hut and Blue Star Mom, without whom this event would not have been possible, and her daughter, Rachel.  If you are thinking of having an event on Long Island the Beach Hut has a great location and great staff!

And of course to Bobbi, Susan, Joe, Michelle & Caragh!

Many more pictures are here.

A Hollywood Good Guy Makes Good


Dennis Miller, the National Spokesperson for USA Cares came through in a big way for one of our Wounded Warriors!

USA Cares

Chris Hill, National Coordinator for Gathering of Eagles, relates the story:

Back in February I had the high honor to meet an Iraq vet who lost a leg while serving with the 1/25 Marines in Al Anbar Province.  Neither he nor the triple amputee who accompanied him to a Fischer House Benefit as the guests of Second Brigade and Viet Nam Vets MC exhibited anything other than the warrior spirit.  In fact, they insisted that the first drink of the evening had to be drunk from their prosthetic legs.  Now that was a sight to see!

Several months later, that same vet approached me for an assist.  He has been fighting with the V.A. over medical bills related to his wounds.  Bills were mounting.  I put him in touch with Al Gambone, an attorney I’ve mentioned on this site to get that problem in check. Unfortunately, he was also behind on his mortgage through no fault of his own.  I tried various avenues to come up with cash to prevent the foreclosure, to no avail.  This morning I was listening to Dennis Miller’s radio show and he mentioned his participation with USA Cares as a spokesman and proponent (  Figuring I had nothing left to lose, I ponied up the $18.00 to join the DMZ, Miller’s premium subscription package, so I could email him personally.

In my email, I explained about our wounded Marine and the trials he has been forced to withstand since returning home.  I explained how we had found an attorney, but had to prevent this Hero from losing his home.  I simply asked him to put me into contact with someone from USA Cares and let me plead the case.  If this fails I said, “We’ll have to start selling blood,” because there’s no way I’m letting one of my heroes lose his home, especially with a new baby on the way.

Anyway, within an hour, the retired Sgt Major who started USA Cares called me personally.  He took down our Marine’s phone number and promised to help.  The Sgt Major also insisted that in the future GoE and USA Cares would collaborate to reach and assist more of our heroes.  Dennis Miller, who was on the air at the time, had read my email, contacted the Sgt Major and my phone rang. While all this was happening, Miller’s show never missed a beat.  In this day and age when we have come to expect Hollywood celebrities to kick us when we’re down, Dennis Miller took up the colors and charged into the fray.

I urge you to recognize both Miller and USA Cares for this wonderful act.  Our Marine’s house was set to go into foreclosure on 12 August. Thanks to two very good men that will not happen.  God bless you both gentlemen and know that our veteran’s community owes you one for the solid you did one of our own.  That debt is payable upon demand, just yell out.  Thanks, you guys.  Manchu.

So there you have it, a Hollywood Hero you can believe in!