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Our Gold Star Families returned tonight from Snowball Express 2009!

And the Patriot Guard Riders were there to greet them!

More Photos Here!

Here’s the Texas PGR entering Dallas Cowboys Stadium!

Here are some behind the scenes photos of the PGR at the StadiumThanks, Mike!

Here’s a video of families arriving in Dallas

And a video of the Mesquite Rodeo!

More of the Cowboys Stadium!

While New York slept the Patriot Guard Riders were out in cold driving rain on a mission to escort Gold Star Families from our area to JFK Airport for the Snowball Express excursion to Texas!

The mission started with a 4:00 am arrival at the airport hotel where many of the families were staying.

As the families began coming downstairs we had a chance to fraternize while we loaded their luggage into the bus.

It was wonderful for all involved to be able to spend a few minutes talking with these who have sacrificed so much for our nation.

Here is the video of the meetup, escort and arrival at the airport:

American Airline and the Snowball Express folks did a fabulous job of making the families welcome and easing their way through the normal airport mayhem!  The Marines, Santa and a Snowman even turned out to assist!

Here’s video from the breakfast:

And the Familes Board the Aircraft!

More Pictures Here and Here and Here!

Report on Snowball Express from the Dallas Business Journal!

Ride Captain Jim McElroy did a flawless job!  Special thanks to Alice for the link to her pictures!

Lurch was a hit handing out the PGR pins to the kids…  One Question though… Were those TEXAS PGR Pins!?!?!

Here’s a video for the Snowball Express: