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This should get the Democratic National Committee’s knickers in a knot!  And maybe worse in RNC and NRCC circles!


My friend and fellow patriot, Bob MacGuffie, of Right Principles, who the DNC chose to lambast as the secret head of the Tea Party movement, has issued a rousing endorsement of Doug Hoffman in the NY-23 race:

There comes a time when any political movement must stand on principle.  This is one of those times. That is why Right Principles is proud to contribute $1,000 to the campaign of Doug Hoffman in his pursuit of the Congressional seat in the NY 23rd District.

For too long have the Republican Party professionals, in pursuit of their own narrow professional interests, used and then abandoned its most loyal segment: the Conservative Base.

Every election cycle Republicans come before us and, in the name of pragmatism, demand the Conservative Base abandon its most cherished principles so that “the lesser of two evils” can be elected.   All the old clichés are trotted out: half a loaf is better than none; at least the candidate is a “fiscal” conservative; the Party needs to attract Independents; the Party can’t win with “only” the Base; the Party needs to appear bi-partisan; once the candidate is elected he can be “pressured” to “move right” and, of course, he’s better than the Liberal candidate.

The theory is very elegant, but with certain exceptions, the theory doesn’t often work out in practice. Continue Reading »