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It is a heart warming message.

Last Saturday, as the last of our guys were leaving the corner at Rte 9 and Vassar Rd in Poughkeepsie, an SUV pulled to the curb and two young patriots jumped out and ran up to Steve to deliver these two beautiful Christmas cards!

The inscription reads:

Dear Veterans,

Thank You for supporting Our Troops.  We all appreciate you guys standing on Rt. 9 every Saturday.

From Your friends,

Sammy & Brianna

p.s.  We’re the people in the black Armada beeping like crazy.

Thank You, Sammy & Brianna, for supporting our troops!  It was a wonderful thing that you took the time to create such beautiful cards and make the time to get them to us.  We appreciate it greatly.  Your action makes the sacrifices we make to be there all the more meaningful.  It means that people are seeing, noticing and agreeing with our message.  That means the world to us and to the troops overseas.

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Educate Our Youth!

We have been losing the war for the youth of this country to those who would undermine everything the United States stands for.  It is long past time for that to change.  One group fighting to preserve the values of our great nation by introducing children and teens to them is Free To Be.

Here is a two part video they have created:

They go right into schools to do their presentation and get a tremendously positive reaction from the students.

We need more programs like this and more teaching materials, pertinent to our youth, to make them realize the connection between the freedom and liberty they enjoy, and the costs, principles and values that create and maintain it.

Please think about the implications of this and how you can help.

Free To Be