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For the first time this year Wreaths Across America honored the 9/11 heroes of New York.  Almost 3,000 wreaths were laid in Battery Park around the Memorial Walk.  More pictures from before the snowfall are here.  Another picture with snow is here.

In Tioga County several cemeteries, the Veterans Memorial, and the graves of Iraq War heroes were adorned with wreaths.

At Saratoga National Cemetery at the grave of the Civil War Unknown Soldier returned this year from Antietam.

On Long Island Wreaths Across America and the Patriot Guard Riders held ceremonies at

Cypress Hills Cemetery, Queens

Long Island National Cemetery, Nassau

Calverton National Cemetery, Suffolk

Wreaths_Across_America Calverton 2009 (PDF)

The Wreaths Across America convoy from Maine to Arlington Cemetery crossed New York State Thursday.

Alice files this report:

The morning was a very chilly one. We were invited by the Darien, CT, VFW Post 6933 to gather there.  Along with a warm place to wait they provided us with hot beverages and breakfast. They were very gracious hosts.

After the group had finished eating we went outside to begin the first leg of our trip.  There were many cages [cars] and a few brave souls rode their motorcycles.

We proceeded out of the parking lot escorted by LEO [police] who took both front and rear positions.  The tractor trailers carrying the donated wreaths joined in along the way.

Here is a video from Darien:

Our first  stop was at Darien High School.  The ceremony began with the raising of the flag and a rendition of the Star Spangled Banner. The band played God Bless America. Members of “Support Our Soldiers”, or SOS as they refer to themselves, read letters written by middle and high school students to those deployed.  Speeches were given by the members of the student body and faculty as well.  A Gold Star Mom let everyone know how much it means to them that their cherished children who paid the ultimate price haven’t been forgotten. She said that is a Gold Star Parent’s biggest fear. The Worcester Wreath Company presented them with one of their wreaths. One teacher, complete with kilt and all, ended the ceremony by playing Amazing Grace on his bagpipe.

We got back on the road with NY PGR taking the lead just behind the LEO.  They managed traffic very well. The most impressive sight was on the George Washington bridge.  All lanes were blocked so that the escort were the only vehicles crossing it. Continue Reading »

Ok, lets look at some pictures:

Conch Shells grown at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Sea Urchins grown at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

All under controlled conditions.  The specimens on the left were grown with CO2 levels exisiting today.  The ones on the right with heightened CO2 levels.

Doesn’t look like they suffered very much, does it?

Read the whole thing here!

Meanwhile, in the fraud department:

Denmark CO2 trading scheme rife with fraud!

Perhaps a closer look should be taken at our own Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

You mean you didn’t know that New York and other states are already trading fake carbon offsets?

And that the profits of selling these offsets being created by state and privately owned corporations are being appropriated by the state for its own purposes?

Maybe you should review this series of videos on how the state is deciding to spend the money they are supposed to be making off of this scheme.

Now the United Nations CDM Halts China Wind Projects.

All the President’s Climategate Deniers.

Eric Holder doesn’t know.

The decision to try 911 terrorists in New York is a poison pill to all of our constitutional rights.  Either the government will have to pick and choose which rights to allow in federal court, setting an unhealthy precedent, or the terrorists will be allowed so many rights that our sources and methods of intelligence will be compromised for generations, and conviction will be problematical.

More on the legal problems here.

Hat Tip: Gateway Pundit



While nearly two million patriots spent 9/12 in the streets of Washington and on the grounds of the Capitol, many more spent their time at smaller Tea Parties around the nation.  Here are a few brief reports from New York.

Woodhaven, Queens

About 70 patriots convened in Woodhaven House to watch and cheer the coverage of the Washington march!



More pictures here.

Kingston, NY

kingston 9-12

Report by a passerby is here!

Gardiners, NY

Rome, NY

Rome 912 - 101

Rome 912 - 5

More pictures on Facebook.

It’s been a long time.  Welcome Home!

Civil War Unknown

Yesterday,  Thursday, September 17th, 2009, One Hundred and forty seven years after his death, an unknown soldier from New York was returned to his home state after lying undiscovered in a grave on the Antietam Battlefield.

The Patriot Guard Riders and the New York National Guard undertook the multi-state mission of escorting the young soldier home to be buried with honors at the Saratoga National Cemetery.  But not before the Maryland National Guard gave him a moving sendoff.

That afternoon the motorcade passed through Poughkeepsie, NY, where the Gathering of Eagles paid their respects:

The Pentagon Channel has more background:

Another video of the transfer ceremony at Antietam is here:

Patriot Guard Rider Bill Schaaf when talking about the emotions involved in such an escort said:

“For those who couldn’t be there no explanation is possible – for those of
us that were there no explanation is necessary”

The Herald-Mail has a good story from Maryland!

A series of excellent photos in this forum, scroll down for more.

A photo of the escort passing through Hyde Park:

Civil War Soldier - Hyde Park

The Poughkeepsie Journal has a photo gallery here.

News Channel 13 has video of the motorcade passing through Rennsselaer.

News10 has good coverage of the return at Saratoga here.  

A photo gallery from the Daily Gazette is here.

News10 has an even better video report here.

The Albany Times Union has a story with pictures hereThe Saratogian has another here.

CBS6 has good coverage with video here.

The Antietam Battlefield Ranger who made the Going Home video has a blog.  Here is his entry for the day our soldier left.

One of the Patriot Guard Riders is a photographer, his gallery is here.

For a history of the Battle of Antietam. More here.

And a final video:

Last year we had the honor to  report “A Duty Fulfilled” on a Civil War Marine hero in Queens, NY.

Thank you to each and every one of you who helped bring this young man home to New York with dignity and honor!

The FBI has issued a Terror Alert related to their raid in Queens on Monday.

Confederate Yankee reports:

Hydrogen peroxide is a key ingredient in the home-brew explosive triacetone triperoxide, or TATP. It is a very unstable and made with relatively common chemicals, and has been used in numerous plots around the world.

CBS reports:

Counter-terrorism officials on Tuesday urged local police to be on the lookout for evidence of homemade bombs, a day after the FBI raided four apartments in Queens looking for bomb-making components.

UpdateNY Jihad Raid Goes National Denver suspect received explosives training in Pakistan, admits Al Qaeda ties.

UpdatePlotters tried to rent large truck in Queens.

The truck rental bid failed when none of the men could produce a valid credit card. All refused to surrender the identification needed to pay cash

The 17th Annual Great North River Tugboat Race!

The Silent Majority has more video and pictures here.

This is the same area of the Hudson River where the US Air flight crash landed in January.

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade reported on last year’s race here.

Another video of this years race:

A historical look at the ships, boats and trains that once graced the Hudson River 100 years ago is presented in this video of a cruise up the river from Haverstraw to Newburgh in 1903.  A must watch:

The Rochester Veteran posted a report on the July 3rd Tea Party at Ontario Beach Park.


Read all about it here.


Sarah Palin autographed baseballs at Yankee Stadium today after taking part in an autism awareness walk in Westchester.  After the game she traveled to Long Island to receive an award from Independent Group Home Living (IGHL).

Newsday has a picture gallery here.  Getty Images has various photos here.

News12 has a good video report here.

Excellent coverage at Conservatives4Palin.  Although they may want to note that proper english would dictate they change the title to Barracuda on Long Island.  But even then that would be incorrect since two of the three events took place on the mainland.

Heh, while searching for photos and videos I came across this cool music video.  Hat Tip Why Mommy is a Republican