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On Nov. 17th I posted a recollection from a friend who was a Marine serving in Hawaii in 1980.  It was subjected to considerable ridicule initially, but more folks are now accepting that while not concrete proof, it does leave the door open to questions.  My friend recently sent me a revised copy (he is writing it for a literature course) and I will tell you that it is his recollection as closely as he can remember it.

No fiction here folks.

Call me Forrest Gump and I’ll belt ya!

Hawaii is a wonderful place. My father was stationed there in 1945 or so, working at Wahiawa Naval Communications Station on Oahu. When I joined the Marines in 1977, one of my personal goals was to travel as much as he did, at least try to. I went to boot camp at Parris Island, South Carolina from September 19, 1977 to December 13. That was the furthest I had been from home at the time. My family had gone to Canada to see my grandfather’s birthplace in Nova Scotia in the summer of 1974. While I would love to see it for the family history now, it was boring to me then, mostly because I was stuck in the car with 2 of my older sisters for the trip while I was 14 going on 15; that was just not cool.

For my MOS (military occupational specialty) school, I was stationed in 29 Palms, California, where everyone tells you, “There is a girl behind every tree!”  Try finding a tree in the Mohave Desert that wasn’t made to be kept there by great effort. Keeping a woman behind any of those trees would take more effort than keeping the tree there. It gets so hot in 29 Palms in the summer time, that if you try to walk the 8 miles from the main gate to your barracks area, you get arrested for risking your life. I was there from January 3, 1978 to mid February 1978, and found first hand the desert is not hot in the winter, in fact, it was like a New England autumn at Thanksgiving time some nights. Continue Reading »