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This story is just too sorry a tale of government intrusion and obfuscation to allow to pass unnoticed.

John Fitch, WWII pilot and American Hero, who is portrayed in this painting, was credited with shooting down a Messerschmidt ME-262 jet fighter in combat.

He himself was shot down near the end of the war, earning a purple heart, and spent three months in a German POW camp.  After the war he became a race car driver in Europe for Mercedes Benz.  He developed the world famous Lyme Rock racetrack in Connecticut and, in his spare time, invented those sand filled plastic crash barriers that have become ubiquitous on America’s highways.

Last year his wife passed away at the age of 91.  John is now 92 and finding himself in the fight of his life, not with health issues, but with the government bureaucracy of his home state of Connecticut.  All because he tried to do the right thing!

Read the story of how John Fitch, because he meticulously monitored his home heating fuel use, is now a pariah in his town of Litchfield, caught up in the catch 22 of dealing with government agencies which have overwhelming power but not a shred of common sense.

Full story is here.

Here’s a video introduction, from last September, to John Fitch and his Fitch Phoenix which he built on a Chevrolet Corvair chasis and which became the model for the Corvette Stingray.