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A friend of mine sent me this story of his time in the Marine Corps.  Read through to the end, it’s a shocker.

Another crappy day in paradise, or The things you see when you ain’t got a gun.

Hawaii is a wonderful place. My father was stationed there in 1945 or so, working at Wahiawa Naval Communications Station on Oahu . When I joined the Marines in 1977, one of my personal goals was to travel as much as he did, at least try to. I was lucky enough to get stationed in a unit that deployed on ship at least once a year to distant places from the Atlantic Ocean . In 1978, I traveled to northern Europe; to Germany, Scotland, Norway and Holland.

In 1979, while waiting for the next deployment, this time to the Mediterranean Sea and to Turkey , all of a sudden we were told of orders to Okinawa , another place where my unit had a permanent presence at, Marine Corps Air Station, Futenma. Well, I didn’t want to go to Okinawa, I wanted to go to Turkey ! I wanted the Med, I could get orders to Okinawa, or “The Rock” as we called it anytime in my 4 year tour. So I passed on that deal.

3 days later, Staff Sergeant Day approached our work detail behind S-4 and announced, “Hey, there’s an error, of those 8 billets for Okinawa, 2 of them are for Hawaii!” “I’ll go!” I shouted! Who cared about Turkey when Hawaii was available! Smitty also spoke up and off we went a few months later, to spend 2 years of duty at what is one of the most beautiful places on Earth. Continue Reading »