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The Patriot Guard Riders of Long Island’s Region 9 were proud to participate in the annual Veteran’s Day parade in Baldwin.

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Carlos captured many of the most poignant moments of the day!

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See the whole collection of outstanding photos here.

The Tea Party took to the roads of Long Island today!

Updated with Video – 10/15/09


Patriots departed from Rockville Centre, Lindenhurst and Setauket to converge on Islip Grange Park!

The crowd at Lindenhurst posed for a group photo in front of the Babylon Town Hall before rolling out.


Many along the routes waved, cheered and gave thumbs up as the caravan rolled through their towns!

More pictures here!

Excellent video by


Patriots were out in force today at Smithhaven Mall on Long Island!



Once again the popular opinion of our representatives was in evidence:







And two of my new favorite signs:



Once again the Conservative Society for Action and other groups did a great job of putting the issue before the citizens, as opposed to their representatives who appear to have disappeared into the witness protection program.

More photos here.

A series of outstanding interviews in seven parts:

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A few Obamabots tried to mount a counter protest to a planned Tea Party in Huntington on Long Island last Saturday.

Compare and contrast the opposing sides.

First, Tea Party Patriots on just one of the four corners they occupied.


Next, the sullen look of an Obamabot on the one corner on which they had a small presence.


Notice the nice pink pre-printed signs by…hmmm…Planned Parenthood, another beneficiary of stimulus bill largese.  Now they have come full circle from promoting abortion to euthanasia just as we were warned they would.  Oh, and look how many of those signs are sitting around unused!  One Obamabot was overheard mentioning to another that they only get paid until 2 o’clock!  Imagine that!  Nothing like a paid grassroots movement!  Can you spell O-B-A-M-A-T-U-R-F?

Real Patriots:









And we have video!

Great Job, Patriots!

Evidence of more Obamaturfing here.

A funny thing happened in Merrick today.


A Dozen or so Obamabots tried to crash a Tea Party of a few hundred Patriots!

“Why are you trying to intimidate these people?”

The question took me by surprise as I looked at the guy with the video camera.  “Hunh?  What people?”  I asked.  Then I looked around and saw a few dopes wearing Obama/Biden T shirts and holding signs.  I had to laugh.  “Heh, I didn’t even know they were there!”

Later I took some photos of them, or tried to, most held their signs over their faces.  Too ashamed, I guess, to have their identities associated with their continued moronic faith in their messiah.  Too few, too ignorant and too lobotomized to be a serious opposition.  They quickly sidled away after retreating down and across the street from the Patriots.

I actually have to thank them for putting a name to those who are intent on enslaving our nation to their socialist ideals:


BDMC = Bellmore Merrick Democratic Club

My response, 6 monhs of their drive to socialism is MORE THAN ENOUGH.

But then the real fun began!

Pamela Geller of Atlas Shrugs came as a guest speaker and lit up the crowd!

Steve Flanagan of the Conservative Society for Action made another fiery speech!



Patriots spread out along Merrick Avenue and Sunrise Highway to the resounding cheers and honks of motorists.








Patriots come in all sizes!

The Patriot

The Silent Majority has an excellent report with pictures and video here.

Atlas Shrugs has a report here (and lambasts a videographer).

My photos are hereSome excellent videos here.


The PGR rode in the Memorial Day Parade at Baldwin, Long Island on May 25, 2009.  It was a large impressive parade made all the more so by the Patriot Guard Riders’ presence.  The American Legion also presented the PGR with an award.

Thanks to Greg for all the great shots!


Rockville Centre, Long Island, had its first ever Tea Party on Monday!  Organized by RVC native Mickey Clark, over a hundred folks gathered along Sunrise Highway with their signs and flags protesting the outrageous irresponsible spending being foisted upon us by our elected representatives.  It was quite obvious that both democrats and republicans were being held to account for their profligacy and that the people are fed up with the entire spendapalooza going on in Washington and New York.

Some from the crowd are planning to take their message to Albany on Tuesday along with Tea Party Patriots from all across New York State.

More pictures here.  Unfortunately my camera batteries died so I wasn’t able to do justice to all the signs.

Update 6/24/09:  I just received a slew of great photos taken by Greg and they are now added to the picture link.

It was a beautiful day for a Tea Party!  And folks came out in Levittown to hear the great speakers!


After the speeches folks lined Hempstead Turnpike with flags and signs and received loud and enthusiatic honks of support!

A great photo slideshow of the event is here!  Thanks, Sandy!

Joe’s photos are here.