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Gathering of Eagles’ Laptops for Wounded Warriors program was at Walter Reed Army Medical Center on Friday distributing six laptops to our wounded Iraq and Afghanistan veterans!

George Samek, Vietnam Veteran and founder of the laptop program, shares a moment with Nicholas, one of the recipients.

It was a great honor to present the laptops to our brave Wounded Warriors, as a Vietnam Vet I feel we who have seen combat have a duty to pay forward to those who now serve.

The Gathering of Eagles Has presented 53 laptops and we will continue as donations are received. Thank you for your service Nicholas, Welcome Home Brother.

Family and GOE members converse as Fred Peterson explains the use of the Dragon Speak software that accompanies every laptop.

Thank you, Nicholas, for your service!

And a big ‘Well Done’ to George and all of the GOE Laptop crew who do an outstanding job of troop support!

Samek Hat

For years George Samek, a decorated Vietnam Veteran, and a great friend, has been an advocate for our Wounded Warriors.

Recently he started a new project “Warrior Connection” to get laptops with video cams into the hands of our wounded warriors in medical centers around the country so they could stay in touch with their families during their recovery.  George understands the morale boost having that contact gives our wounded warriors.  He started out with a goal of donating a single laptop equipped with a webcam.  In four weeks, as more people became aware of his mission, the number grew to twenty.

WECT6 the local TV station in Wilmington, NC, did a story on the project here.  Be sure to watch the video on the upper right!

George has plenty good to say about Best Buy, the national electronics chain, whose local store pitched in to supply the laptops and webcams at cost and configured them to function seamlessly.

On September 11, 2009, the laptops were presented to Wounded Warriors at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington, DC.

Walter Reed 028

Now George is working on making presentations at Camp Lejeune to our wounded Marines.

If you want to donate to this worthy cause please send a check to:

Gathering of Eagles/George Samek
1105 Copas Road
Shallotte, NC 28470

The troops will thank you for it!

CJ reports that the project has gone global!

Our friend Jonn met the Canada Free Press reporter at Walter Reed!

More here on the Walter Reed Troop Rally.