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Gateway pundit has the story!  Here is the Video!

It’s not like rational folks didn’t see this coming.

You can not appease your way to victory.

Sounds like the theme song for one of those reality cop shows:

Bad Boy, Bad Boy

Whatcha gonna do?

Whatcha gonna do when the Mullahs Punk You!

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad paid a visit to Brazil over the weekend to discuss a number of trade and diplomatic issues with Brazilian President Luiz Anacio Lula de Silva.

This is a continuation of Iran’s drive to build stronger ties in Latin American.  Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez is already an ally of Iran, and Iran has also opened embassies in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Nicaragua and Uruguay.  Brazil appears to be next on that list.

Venezuela is receiving help in locating uranium deposits which Chavez says will be used for domestic power production (does that sound familiar?).  With Brazil, Iran is shopping for nuclear technology among other things.

This is also evidence that Brazil is stepping away from close cooperation with the US following its criticism of Barack Obama’s effort to restore the ousted President Zelaya of Honduras in violation of the Honduran constitution.

We can look forward to continued disorder in South American affairs as the bungling foreign policy of our president dismays our allies and encourages those who would spread their socialist mantra across the region.

More information here.

One wonders what diplomatic leverage (and it appears shrinkingly small) was purchased by Obama’s decision to lend $2 Billion to the Brazilian Oil Company, Petrobas, to develop offshore oil fields in the Atlantic.  Or was that just a payoff to George Soros?

Quite a few Brazilians protested Ahmadinejad:

Here’s some analysis by the Council of the Americas:


The London Telegraph reports that high level adminstration officials are on their way today to Warsaw to tell the Polish government that regardless of their support to our efforts in the War on Terror, and their steadfastness in the face of Russian threats, Barack Obama is going to pull the plug on the missile defense system that would protect Europe and the U.S. from nuclear tipped missiles fired from Iran or other locations in the Middle East.

This cowardly retreat in the face of Russian demands leaves Russia in a position to dominate central and eastern europe as they have in the past.

It also displays the dangers to any country in siding with the United States in a dangerous world.  It states quite plainly that under Barack Obama or any Democrat administration the United States is a feckless and untrustworthy ally.

obama recipe for disaster

May God Bless the United States of America and deliver her from fools.

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