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West Point Graduation Day, May 23, 2009, was idyllic!  Beautiful sunny weather, low humidity, light breezes and NO Moonbats!

For the first time since we have mounted our campaign to welcome the families of West Point graduates there were none of the despicable flag draped coffins lining the West Point Highway!  For the first time in years, graduates’ families could enjoy the day without having to run a gamut of demoralizing images that the hate America crowd used to display all along their route.  It was indeed Victory in Highland Falls Day!

Getting an early start from all points of the compass, Eagles rose early and flocked to Highland Falls where we erected out flags, placed our signs, hung our balloons, manned the outpost outside the Thayer Gate, and cheered and waved to the families of our West Point graduates!

It took three years, but we can truthfully say now that we came, we saw, we conquered!

We also ate a lot of donuts!  Thanks, Bobbie!

It was a wonderful feeling to know that we gave the families of the graduates a sense of the support that most of America feels to their sons and daughters who both enrolled and graduated from our military academy in a time of war. Families like that of Caroline Miller who is the seventh generation of graduates from West Point, the longest unbroken line of graduates in the Academy’s history.

More pictures are here and here.

Although no media reported on our presence (Like that’s a surprise), there were several stories about the graduation and graduates.  A sampling are here, here and here.