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Eric Holder’s former law firm, Covington & Burling LLP, represented 18 of the Gitmo detainees before he was appointed Attorney General.

Covington & Burling, home to such illustrious attorneys as David Remes of boxers or briefs fame,

has been defending Terrorists since 2004.  Particularly the Guantanamo Bay detainees.  They have filed amicus curiae briefs (no pun intended) before the Supreme and District Courts and generally hindered any attempt to move forward with their prosecution.

Byron York writes in today’s Washington Examiner:

To Charles Grassley, a senior Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee, the questions seem pretty simple. How many of the political appointees now in charge of terrorist detainee issues at the Obama Justice Department were, not too long ago, lawyers and activists working on behalf of those very detainees? Who are they? Have they removed themselves from cases involving their former clients?

So far, Grassley is having a hard time getting the information he wants. His problems started on Nov. 18, 2009, when Holder appeared before the Judiciary Committee and Grassley asked him to reveal which department lawyers had represented which detainees. Grassley is still waiting for an answer.

“He said something like, ‘I have to think about it,’ ” Grassley says. “He must still be thinking about it two and a half months later.”

Under the relentless assault of 911 families and other groups opposed to holding terrorist trials in New York, the White House is now looking for other locations to hold the trials.  Here’s a newsflash for Obama and Holder.  How about holding them in Guantanamo Bay?  At that brand new facility we built at great expense to the taxpayers.  It would have the added bonus of keeping them out of our country, away from our courts, prevent them from obtaining the rights that are afforded to U.S. citizens, and comply with international law.  D’oh

But instead they will probably scour the area around New York City to find another place.  Like Governors Island,  West Point or Stewart Airport.  Their ideology will prevent them from accepting the logical and legal solution unless we keep the pressure up.

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Listen to Schumer weasel out of his earlier support for trials in NYC.

The tipping point appears to have been Mayor Bloomberg changing his stance as reported here.

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Moving danger? So what if Obama is reconsidering moving 9/11 trials

Patriots turned out to protest the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to suburban Illinois yesterday!

From Bloomberg News:

About 800 people today filled a high school auditorium 30 miles from the Thomson Correctional Center for the only scheduled opportunity for the public to comment in Illinois on the transfers.

Boos and shouts of “lie” filled the auditorium earlier as state officials testified about the proposal before the 12- member Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.

Fox News covered the hearings:

Bev Perlson and Debbie Lee appeared on Fox News Afterwards:

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Where are they going to house the gitmo terrorists in the United States?

They have chosen a prison in Thomson, Illinois, and have announced that selection.  Unfortunately, there need to be public hearings before such a decision is made by the Illinois General Assembly to sell the prison to the Federal government.  Our friend, Blue Star Mom Bev Perlson, of the Band of Mothers, is leading the charge to oppose this decision.  She is organizing a rally at 1pm on Dec. 22nd for the General Assembly Hearing at Sterling High School, 1608 4th Avenue, Sterling, Illinois in opposition to any decision to move the Gitmo detainees there.

This rally is supported by the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition!

Here she is on Fox News yesterday:

Sign the petition!

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Here is the White House background briefing, read the questions!

Hundreds of folks braved the cold rainy weather to attend the rally in Lower Manhattan!

More photos and video will be added to this, but for now here are a few pictures:

Here’s a panorama shot from before the rally got going! Click on the image for a larger size!

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Poster Boy for 911 Truther Lunacy! He jumped on the stage during the rally and then ran away until he was cornered down the street!

Candice caught these photos from inside the cafe.  Also check out the video of the truther at The Silent Majority!

To wrap up coverage we want to take you back to PJTV’s excellent coverage of the Congressional Testomony of Eric Holder trying to justify the administrations unilateral actions: