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The Lancet, a once respected and prestigious British Medical Journal, has sold its credibility and its reputation cheaply once again.

The last time was when it developed and published a fake survey of Iraq war deaths at the behest of George SorosThat survey was proven to be wildly in error.

Skip forward to 2009 and the Lancet is at it again!  This time hyping the medical benefits of fighting mythical global warming.

Just as in the earlier fake research, the global warming cabal is refusing to make the details of their work known to the public and other professional organizations. Why the secrecy?  Perhaps because it is all mystical.

The pattern of faking, lying, publicizing, and cover up, is endemic to the hard left in the world.  For them the ends justify the means and the prospect of controlling every aspect of life for all the billions of people in the world is a goal too great to allow plebian matters like truth to get in the way.

The Lancet appears to have decided that it is no longer a publication interested in truth, a sad requiem for a medical journal.

This time around the funding is from the Wellcome Trust, another ‘philanthropic’ trust overtaken by radical lefties.

They must have had to stretch a bit to fit the faux Global Warming agenda into their mission: “funding research to improve human and animal health“.  Although that is not too difficult for an organization that has a Sanger Institute!

Perhaps their global warming suggestions will enable them to practice more of the eugenics Margaret Sanger was a proponent of?

After all, take away the Man and there can be no Man Made Global Warming!

Surprise, Surprise:

Obama Science Czar John Holdren Involved in Climategate Scandal

Who’s Who of the Fraudsters is here.

Now Hugo Chavez and the South American Socialists are demanding a piece of the action!

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Kirsten Gillibrand had a Tele Town Hall meeting today.  But her constituents weren’t invited.  Instead she listened and talked to the minions of George Soros’ MoveOn.Org.

I guess the Senator believes in Pay to Play.  Donate enough money and you get access.  All you poor plebes who object to or question her determination to ram through Single Payer Healthcare and Cap and Tax can go pound sand!  Luckily an intrepid patriot gained access and sheds some light on the backroom machinations!

They HATE that we call it Cap and TaxSo make sure you use that terminology whenever you can!

They also hate it when we point out that it amounts to a $1,700 tax on every family, rich or poor, so make sure you stress that!

They claim that Cap and Tax will add “green” jobs!  Heh, that is nothing but a joke, the rosiest estimates for any state was 40,000 jobs as a result of Cap and Tax.  A far cry from the millions of jobs we’ve lost as a result of this Congress’ and President’s malpractice!

They are going to claim that we are in a race for a “green” economy with Red China!  They are going to try to compare it to the Space Race.  The chinese are leading them on in order to destroy the U.S. economy.  How do they propose to verify that China is actually doing anything at all to “green” their economy when all evidence, including skyrocketing petroleum purchases, show they are not?

The MoveOn drones have signed on to a letter writing campaign to flood the newspapers with diatribes in favor of Cap and Tax.  So be prepared to write letters in opposition, pointing out that Cap and Tax is a $1,700 tax on each and every American family.  In fact, prempt them and start writing your letters to your newspapers now!  Beat them to the punch!

Remember,  Gillibrand has an ‘open door’ policy for socialist groups like, ACORN, SEIU and WFP while patriots questioning the direction she, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi are taking this country are locked out!

Gillibrand is on record as supporting ACORN, being one of only seven to vote to keep ACORN pimping!

Gotta Love The Village Voice’s take!

Scroll Down for Updates!


After three scandalous sets of videos exposing the willingness of ACORN to provide tax and operational advice to a criminal prostitution enterprise employing underage illegal immigrants in three different cities including New York, 83 Senators voted to cut off all federal funding.  Seven Senators, all Democrats except for one Socialist, voted to keep pouring our money into the most corrupt organization on the planet.

In New York the senator who voted against the best interests of her constituents and all Americans was Kirsten Gillibrand.  What does that say about her core values?

I guess the fact that ACORN pumped money into her campaign might have influenced her vote.

The most I can say for her is that she stays bought.

She’s got to go.

Hat tip:  Hot Air

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More on systematic corruption.



Clueless Media!  and The Pot Calling The Kettle Black!

From Oneida a Call to Action!

Please call the Senator and ask her to explain her vote on HR 3288 and that we will remember today’s vote at election time.

Contact Info for Senator Gillibrand:

Email Page:

Washington Office:  (202) 224-4451
Albany Office: (518) 431-0120
New York City Office: (212) 688-6262
Hudson Valley Office: (845) 875-4585
Westchester Office: (914) 725-9294
Buffalo Office:  (716) 854-9725
Rochester Office: (585) 263-6250
Syracuse Office: (315) 448-0470
North Country Office: (315) 376-6118
Long Island Office: (631) 249-2825


The House of Representatives is voting on this today!

Time to start calling our Congress Critters!

Senator Calls for Immediate and Thorough Investigation of ACORN.


Artwork courtesy of Free Republic.

Heh, You canit make this stuff up! ACORN was operating illegally in Maryland!

David sends this image of the latest in ACORN fashion!

Acorn-RICO Shirt

Just when you thought it was safe to go back to listening to the lame stream media!

California Here We Come!!


ABC News finally picks up on the story albeit slantedly!  Questions raised about whether California ACORN employee was messing with the minds of the young investigative journalists!

And Associated Press has run a video report!

The Wall Street Journal has a report here!

ACORN Takes some Mainstream Heat

NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo opens an Investigation!

ACORN/Media – Protection Racket Bedfellows!

Are You Freaking Stupid? asks:

How many stories would the US be blissfully ignorant of if not for the bloggers and journalists not attached to the MSM?

The followup:

Hehe.  This must be driving the Dems nuts.

Yep, in more ways then one!

Heh, SEIU:  One of the pilars of the ACORN family


San Diego and worse corruption!

More at the link!

How low can they go?  More videos on the way!

Michell Malkin Snorts at report that White House is distancing itself from ACORN!

Best APORN logo of the day!

Classical Values looks at some of the private funding behind ACORNGeorge Soros and Bill Gates.  What could go wrong?

More on the ties between ACORN, Obama and the Tides Foundation here!

Sen. Burris of Illinois flees Reporter asking about his ACORN vote.  Does anyone suppose Gillibrand would have more fortitude?  Where is she to explain her vote?  Has she joined the witness protection program yet?

Are we seeing the stunning, total defeat of ACORN?  I’m not holding my breath!  Too many snakes in that pit!

The House of Representatives voted to defund ACORN.  Only two New Yorkers voted to keep them pimping!  Are the Dems going to play games by attaching the separate motions to two different bills in the House and Senate?  Where’s Jimmy the Greek when you need him for the odds?  Remember what i said about SNAKES?

Here is my prediction, the next videos will be out of Chicago!  They’ve hit both coasts and now they’re going for Obama’s homeboys!  Who wants to make book?

Michelle reports on ACORN’s illegal alien mortgage racket!

Jay Leno gets in his digs!

Mike Vass wants to ask both NY Senators questions about their votes on ACORN!

The Vigilant Squirrel Brigade sends a link to possible ACORN interference in state probes!

NY Governor Patterson puts all ACORN contracts on hold!

Just a Reminder:  Obama and Acorn are joined at the hip!

Chicago Tribune calls for an independent prosecutor to investigate ACORN!  Hat Tip:  Big Government

Acon’s Nut-House Empire in New York. $50 Million in housing.

Michelle Malkin asks for prayers for those who investigate ACORN! It is always dangerous to investigate racketeering criminal enterprises, especially when those in power are beholden to them.  A potential career ender.

Barack Obama is all in favor of offshore drilling for oil.  Just not here in America. To prove the point, his administration is ready to lend $2 Billion dollars to Petrobas, the huge Brazilian Oil Company, to drill in their newly discovered oil fields off their Atlantic coast.


Why is this president so intent on giving our money away in bucketfuls to left wing criminal enterprises in the U.S. and left wing governments in other countries?  Or, could it be that almost 25% of George Soros’ portfolio is invested in Petrobas?

The world wonders.

More at:  The Liberty Boys, This Ain’t Hell

You wouldn’t suppose that any of this money might be making its way to certain numbered bank accounts overseas do you?  Naah!  Chicago style politicans are just too honest for that…

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Because he is imperiling our future!

Gateway Pundit has the info on the George Soros connection!

Barbara at American Freedom is Disgusted and Fed Up!!

More at HotAir

Sarah Palin writes about Your Tax Dollars Hard at Work… On Foreign Oil.

So why is it that during these tough times, when we have great needs at home, the Obama White House is prepared to send more than two billion of your hard-earned tax dollars to Brazil so that the nation’s state-owned oil company, Petrobras, can drill off shore and create jobs developing its own resources? That’s all Americans want; but such rational energy development has been continually thwarted by rabid environmentalists, faceless bureaucrats and a seemingly endless parade of lawsuits aimed at shutting down new energy projects.

So, Mister Obama, How is this move ending our addiction to foreign oil??  Or has that campaign promise joined the others under the bus?

Michelle Malkin piles on!