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Another new video this time featuring Al Gore:

On a more serious note Sean Hannity interviews Chris Horner:

And a report on Canadian TV:

Congressman Ted Poe calls for hearings on Climategate:

Congressman Sensenbrenner grills John Holdren in Hearings (2 parts):

JammieWearingFool takes up the speculation on who leaked the emails!

Climategate Fraudster, James Hansen, Director of the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, is now publicly saying he would like the Copenhagen Summit to fail.  But not because the fake and fraudulent science underpinning the summit’s conclusions are  wrong, but because it won’t bring enough of the socialist utopia that Hansen craves soon enough.

More here.

The Credibility Bubble!

It will surprise no one who has studied criminal justice that the culture of corruption that has permeated the Global Warming community has branched into other areas of corruption as well.  Corruption is like  a cancer that will spread until stopped.

Mark Schoeberl, former head of the AURA project for NASA’s Goddard Earth Sciences Division, was convicted of procuring thousands of government dollars in no-bid contracts and directing them to his wife’s company, Animated Earth.

Read the whole thing here!

More detail here.

He was the head of th eproject that concluded human activity was causing the depletion of atmospheric ozone.  More articles are here and here.

Glenn Reynolds makes the connection to the Climategate emails, “We need to show some left to cover the costs of the trip Roger didn’t make and also the fees/equipment/computer money we haven’t spent otherwise NOAA will be suspicious.

It’s Time for Climate Science to Clean House!

More NASA problems!  Show Me The Raw Data! Will it expose James Hansen’s fingerprints?

For the Rogue’s Gallery of Climategate players go here.

PJTV Goes into the Hollywood Collusion and calls for hearings.

In the wake of the PJTV report Al Gore abruptly cancels his appearance in Copenhagen!

Calling the leaked emails a ‘distraction”, Mann keeps pimping the Global Warming fraud!

The video is here.

Mann is currently under investigation by Penn State for his role in the fraud.

And you know we couldn’t let this go without another chance to post the infamous Hide The Decline video from Minnesotans for Global Warming!

After all it does star Michael Mann, even if involuntarily!

Ok, lets look at some pictures:

Conch Shells grown at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Sea Urchins grown at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

All under controlled conditions.  The specimens on the left were grown with CO2 levels exisiting today.  The ones on the right with heightened CO2 levels.

Doesn’t look like they suffered very much, does it?

Read the whole thing here!

Meanwhile, in the fraud department:

Denmark CO2 trading scheme rife with fraud!

Perhaps a closer look should be taken at our own Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative.

You mean you didn’t know that New York and other states are already trading fake carbon offsets?

And that the profits of selling these offsets being created by state and privately owned corporations are being appropriated by the state for its own purposes?

Maybe you should review this series of videos on how the state is deciding to spend the money they are supposed to be making off of this scheme.

Now the United Nations CDM Halts China Wind Projects.

All the President’s Climategate Deniers.

Jon Stewart slams Al Gore:

Glenn Beck interviews James Delingpole

Ed Driscoll Compares Climategate with Christmas in Cambodia!

Glenn Beck interviews Jonah Goldberg.

Neil Cavuto interviews Pat Michaels.

Sen Inhofe requests hearings on Climategate.

Congresswoman Candice Miller requests hearings on Climategate.

Congressional Hearing Heats Up Over Climategate!

Your climate forecasts are in the Very Best of Hands!  We have Top Men working on it!


Not by 2035 though…try 2350!

Did you ever get the feeling that the Global Warming crowd was parroting the gang that couldn’t shoot straight?

Well they are!

Now we have to add incompetence to hoax and fraud as descriptions!

Unfortunately it was in Australia!

From the Telegraph:

Australian conservatives have shown the way by dumping the party leader who was in favour of massive carbon taxes and replacing him with one who stated last month that AGW is “crap.”

This makes Malcolm Turnbull, the suddenly-ex-leader of Australia’s Liberal party, the first major political victim of the Climategate furore. And his replacement Tony Abbott, the first politician to reap the benefits of the world’s growing scepticism towards ManBearPig. Of the three candidates, he was the only one committed to delaying the Australian government’s proposed Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS).

The trouble began last week when Australia’s opposition Liberal party began haemorrhaging frontbenchers, all of them preferring to lose their jobs than be railroaded by their leader into voting with the Government on Kevin Rudd’s new carbon tax.

Read the whole thing here!

Brit’s response to Climate Alarmists’ claim that destroying the original data doesn’t change the argument:


Here’s a short speech by Godfrey Bloom, Member of the European Parliament before that body from October:

But the White House remains in a State of Denial even when presented with the fact that over 30,000 scientists disagree with the Global Warming hypothesis!

There’s a reason why White House Press Secretary Gibbs is compared to Baghdad Bob!

Gateway Pundit has an interview with Czech President Vaclav Klaus on Global Warming here.

Claudia Rosett asks When do we see the rest of the emails?

Here’s an entry for the Climategate Logo:

See the whole discussion in the comments at Watts Up with That?

Video of how the media treats opponents of Global Warming:

Good on you Senator Inhofe for sticking to your guns!

Compare and contrast with FOX News coverage:

The Wall Street Journal has a roundup here.