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Patriots turned out to protest the transfer of Guantanamo detainees to suburban Illinois yesterday!

From Bloomberg News:

About 800 people today filled a high school auditorium 30 miles from the Thomson Correctional Center for the only scheduled opportunity for the public to comment in Illinois on the transfers.

Boos and shouts of “lie” filled the auditorium earlier as state officials testified about the proposal before the 12- member Illinois Commission on Government Forecasting and Accountability.

Fox News covered the hearings:

Bev Perlson and Debbie Lee appeared on Fox News Afterwards:

More pictures here.

911 Never forget has a report here.

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Voice of America Video:

Where are they going to house the gitmo terrorists in the United States?

They have chosen a prison in Thomson, Illinois, and have announced that selection.  Unfortunately, there need to be public hearings before such a decision is made by the Illinois General Assembly to sell the prison to the Federal government.  Our friend, Blue Star Mom Bev Perlson, of the Band of Mothers, is leading the charge to oppose this decision.  She is organizing a rally at 1pm on Dec. 22nd for the General Assembly Hearing at Sterling High School, 1608 4th Avenue, Sterling, Illinois in opposition to any decision to move the Gitmo detainees there.

This rally is supported by the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition!

Here she is on Fox News yesterday:

Sign the petition!

News story here!

Here is the White House background briefing, read the questions!

Wow!  A ton of great American Patriots were out at Walter Reed on Friday night!

Several hundred lined the corners of Georgia Avenue!  Folks came in early to be there before attending the Great American Tea Party March on Washington 9/12.

Here’s a great video by one of our patriots!

Since I don’t do night pictures very well here are just a few photos!





Thank you to all who came out from early afternoon until the last troop bus returned from dinner!

More and better pictures are here.

The Silent Majority has a report here.

We didn’t get into town until the evening so as soon as we checked into the hotel we ran right back out and drove like maniacs to Walter Reed.  But the festivities began much earlier in the day.

Our buddy Jonn from This Aint Hell has an excellent report with pictures and video from the daytime activities!

Video covering the day and night outside Walter Reed:

Another great video that gives you the flavor of the Troop Rally:

During the day, after the presentation of laptops for the warriors, Jim Diehl presented a picture of The Last Eagle for the troops.

Walter Reed 031