Supreme Court: Westboro Cult Lies are OK

Unbelievable!  The Supreme Court decided that the Westboro Baptist Church cult of hatred toward the U.S., her soldiers, and any American whose death is likely to draw a crowd, is protected speech.

More at Legal Insurrection.

Here’s the Court’s Opinion via Instapundit


  1. The Westboro Church has been condemned by Christian leaders all over the nation, as they should be. But let us not forget that what the Westboro Church is saying, no matter how rudely they say it, is not unbiblical at all – 1 Corinthians 6:9.

    The Phelps Klan may spread the message where they shouldn’t be – the funerals of straight soldiers, but the message that homosexuals will go to hell is a very real one according to the Bible.

    • Someone

      It IS unbiblical, and it is a lie. Jesus died for EVERYONE on the cross, INCLUDING homosexuals. Yes, the Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, but if a homosexual repents from that and gets saved and no longer continues down that road, they will go to HEAVEN. God does NOT hate anyone, he loves everyone he created and we all have the equal chance to go to Heaven.

  2. Bruce

    They can go f**k themselves. I am proud to have served and wish I was serving today!

  3. I also served. U.S. Army, 4th Infantry Division. I did a tour in Iraq. I’m proud to have served. I am proud to have been a part of something that provides everyone else the right to burn flags and protest with hateful messages. The government should NEVER tell us what we can or cannot say.

    And remember this. One day, Fred Phelps is going to die. That’s going to be a great protest.

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