Union Supporters in Wisconsin deface War Memorial


The supporters of the union protest at Madison, Wisconsin, are the same lefty groups who make a habit of desecrating war memorials in Washington and elsewhere during their protests.

Ann and Meade Althouse were there and exposed the casual disrespect these people show to our honored military:

Kudos to the Althouses for exposing this and for all their great on the spot reporting from the front lines.

More here!

UpdateThey return the next day to find out if the junk has been cleared off the memorial!


  1. Mickey

    As a Vietnam Veteran, I would have RIPPED their display down and if they objected, would have kicked the shit out of them all.

    I had to do that many times before during the 70s when the little pukes would protest us and the War and like Jane Fonda, helped the Communists not only win the War in Vietnam but spread their Ideology into Cambodia and Laos killing millions in the process. Now the Bastards are HERE IN OUR COUNTRY doing the same thing, only are trying to defeat the United States with the help of OBAMA, head Communist in Washington DC.

    Know your enemy !!!!!! They are HERE !!!!

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