AAR PGR Welcome Home 6th Comm Marines!

On Sunday, October 10, 2010, the Patriot Guard Riders joined the Fire Family Transport Foundation and Marine families to welcome home members of the 4th Marine Logistics Group, 6th Communications Battalion (4th MLG 6th Comm) at LaGuardia Airport after their tour of duty in Afghanistan!

The bikes were lined up outside the terminal:

This was the scene as the Marines were escorted through the terminal!

Then it was off on the escort from Northern Queens to Southern Brooklyn to the Welcome Home ceremony at Floyd Bennet Field where family and friends awaited the triumphal entrance!

What more can you say?

Welcome Home missions are the most rewarding missions you can ever undertake as a Patriot Guard Rider.

Many more excellent photos here and here!

This unit is also involved in running the Marine Corps Toys for Tots program in New York City and Long Island!

Senior Ride Captain Jim McElroy reports:


Before I get to the thank you, I would like to share the first thing I saw as I walked into the building tonight after LtCol Rust welcomed his Marines back and they were dismissed. After that we applauded for a few moments and we headed into the building and I stopped short so as not to run over this “Big Bad Marine” kneeling on the floor, with his hands gently touching the face of his 6 year old daughter. I was struck with the fact that the last time he must have saw her she would have been 5. At that point I realized that if there was no danger or hardship other than not seeing your child’s 5th year, we could never repay these families for the losses they have endured. The cost of “Semper Fi” is unimaginable!

I am humbled at the out pouring of thanks that was expressed to me by the Marines, their families and their leadership for the appreciation of their sacrifices at the welcome home 10/10/10 at LGA to Floyd Bennet Field.  LtCol Rust, Capt Peck, Gunnery Sgt Alicea, Sgt Valdez, Marine Lynch, Marine Israel (? Ca… sorry my memory is not as good as my driving, and we all know how well that is…) and all the others that patted us on the back, even when only one of us was close enough to receive it, wanted to thank all of the people that made sure these young men and women’s service and sacrifice was not forgotten.

For them I would like to thank

James Dowdell, FDNY who when I called (because he said a few weeks ago after running across our great Nation, “any time you need us, we will be there”) to ask for a contact in the FDNY for this mission his answer was”Give me the details and the FDNY will be there” (and boy were they, and were they, and were they, all the way home…)

PAPD PO John Garrone,who with all the Port Authority Police on Duty, made sure that the public was served and not delayed while making sure these brave Marines had as little delays and as much thanks as was possible,

PAPD Lt Glasier and Sgt Francis who set up all the pieces for us even if they were home just getting back from the Grocery store,

the NYPD Highway unit who made sure the Marines got home safe and quickly while accomplishing their primary job of keeping the roads safe and clear,

the TSA that keeps us safe as well as has compassion,

the Red Caps, who earn their money carting passenger baggage out to cars, who moved every piece of luggage with a smile and would not accept any more than a “Thank you”,

and all the other personnel of LGA and American Airlines that did all the things (they might have thought were little, but made a big difference to these young defenders of freedom) that were needed to show these Marines a warm welcome.

To the people that clapped and cheered in the aircraft, in the terminal and out in the lobby where we were to make sure the Marines could not misunderstand that we all care about their sacrifices.

Oh, wait a second, there was another 60 people that went out of their way, took the time, spent and did what was needed to be there in order to say “Thank you for your service” and “Welcome Home”. These would be the Men, Women and Children (Daisey, this means you.) of the Patriot Guard Riders of New York. I Salute you and am proud and honored to stand next to you. I thank you for the privilege of doing my small part of our missions.

I apologize in advance to those who might not have wanted to read this and I do really try to avoid these types of emails, but I was thanked and asked to extend those thanks to all of those that accomplished this mission, so I really needed to let all of you know how much this meant to the Marines tonight.

Thank you for the time you give to those who stood for us.


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