Granville Sentinel – May 27, 1943

All transcriptions by Matthew Rice of the Granville Sentinel.  Original errors were left in the copy as printed unless otherwise noted.

Granville Sentinel

Tag Day Sat. To Start Town Clock Drive

Granville New York, May 27, 1943

Michael T. Minogue, chairman of the town clock committee, announced that Saturday has been designated as “Tag Day” for the purpose of launching the campaign for funds with which to purchase the new electric town clock to be erected on the corner of the Washington County National Bank building.

At a meeting held this week plans were made for the campaign to solicit funds in a door to door canvass in the village and to make an appear to out of town people to send in their donations to the chairman.

The sum of $1,000 donated by the Washington County National Bank is already on hand together with the $100 donated by the manufacturers of the clock and several other subscriptions and donations.

The clock is to be erected as a memorial to the Granville men who are now in the armed forces of the United State and is to bear a proper inscription of slogan commemorating the principles for which they are fighting.

The slogan is not to exceed three words and it is for this reason that a contest is to be held for which a cash prize of $5 will be offered to th winner and entries are to be made with Morris Rote-Rosen.

A committee of five judges will e chosen to select the winner. The winning slogan will be imprinted on the fancy glass just above the face of the clock. The clock is about 10 feet high with a face 32 inches in diameter. It will strike each quarter hour and on the hour and it will be illuminated at night.

The cost of the clock is $2,450 and nearly $1,500 is available toward this sum, counting several large donations which have been promised to Chairman Michael T. Minogue.

Anyone wishing to send in donations toward the purchase of the clock may do so either by mail or in person to Michael T. Minogue, Chairman Town Clock Committee, Granville.

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