Granville Sentinel – June 3, 1943

All transcriptions by Matthew Rice of the Granville Sentinel.  Original errors were left in the copy as printed unless otherwise noted.

Granville Sentinel

Slogans Sent For New Clock

Granville New York, June 3, 1943

Michael T. Minogue, chairman Town Clock committee announced that the first tag day receipts totaled $107 which will add a substantial sum to the $2,450 necessary for the purchase of the clock. The drive for funds will continue until the goal has been attained and the clock dedicated to the service of the Granville men in the armed forces.

In the meantime slogans are being received for contestants for the 45 cash prize for the most suitable inscription for the clock which will express the sentiments of the principles for which America is fighting in the present conflict.

To give contestants an idea of the kind of slogan which will be suitable for the inscription over the face of the clock the following may be used as an example: “Liberty, Fraternity, Equality,” and the slogan is not to exceed three words. There will be a committee of five impartial judges selected and their decision will be final.

Donations are being received in the mail by Chairman Michael T. Minogue. One woman who mailed a $10 check for the Town Clock Fund stated in part as follows: “It gives me great pleasure to enclose my check for a contribution to the Clock Fund. The loss of the old one has been felt keenly and I am sure that everyone will be glad to see a timepiece on the corner.” In closing she refers to Granville as the “Town of Kindness.”

The contestants in the slogan are requested to mail their entries to Morris Rote-Rosen, Granville so that he can turn them over to the judges’ committee for deliberation.


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