Granville Sentinel – June 10, 1943

All transcriptions by Matthew Rice of the Granville Sentinel.  Original errors were left in the copy as printed unless otherwise noted.

Granville Sentinel

Granville First To Erect Memorial For Service Men

Granville New York, June 10, 1943

The drive for funds for the town clock is progressing satisfactorily according to Michael T. Minogue, chairman of the Town Clock committee and results are most gratifying. Mr. Minogue, who has his committee soliciting funds, feels that the quota necessary for the purchase of the clock will be reached soon.

James Brodie who is the solicitor on Main street reports a good collection, many volunteering a larger sum than they are expected to give and he too feels that if the present pace of funds continues the town clock will be realized.

In the meantime slogans are being received from various sources, from this town and from those living out of town. Judging from the entries registered so far with the committee there will be keen competition for the $5 cash prize which the judges committee will award for the best slogan expressing the ideals which the Granville men in the armed forces are fighting to preserve.

The new town clock will positively be dedicated as a memorial to the Granville men in the service in the present war and no other printing, slogans, or advertising, is to appear on the clock.

The Washington County National Bank has not only offered the use of its building for the installation of the clock on the corner of the building, it is giving a substantial amount for the purchase of the clock, as well as the offer to maintain it and to furnish electricity for its operation.

The town clock is so constructed that if at any time the electric power is turned off, in case of an emergency, the clock will automatically switch over to its own power which has a capacity of 24 hours operation. In this way the clock will run continually without a stop.

The winning slogan will be imprinted on the three sides above the face of the clock. Granville is the first community in this section to erect a memorial to the boys at such an early stage of the war and those contributing to the general fund of the clock endorse whole-heartedly the sentiment behind the drive for funds.

Mail contributions to Michael T. Minogue, chairman Town Clock Committee, Granville, N.Y.

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