Granville Sentinel – July 8, 1943

All transcriptions by Matthew Rice of the Granville Sentinel.  Original errors were left in the copy as printed unless otherwise noted.

Granville Sentinel

Town Clock Assured for Granville – Carnival Saturday Boosts Total

Granville New York, July 8, 1943

The new town clock is now assured for Granville, particularly since the announcement made by the fire department that they had turned over more than $530 to Michael T. Minogue, chairman of the community town clock committee, as a result of the successful one-night carnival which was staged on the Mettowee Grange lot last Saturday night.

A tremendously large crowd turned out Saturday night, many of whom were from out of town, to assist the firemen in their efforts to reach the necessary amount required for the $2,500, the price of the electric town clock.

The carnival in miniature presented many of the regular games and attractions usually staged by the firemen at their annual carnival, and which, because of the war, has been postponed for the duration. But the one night affair was just as attractive to the general public and their patronage helped to put over the realization of a new town clock which has been greatly missed since the corner building fire last November.

The hot dog stand as usual sold out everything even to the last roll. The high striker did a fine business and so did the fish pond, the bingo game and all the attractions. The ice cream booth also sold out long before the show closed.

It takes the firemen to put over a local entertainment, judging by their past ten years’ record, and they showed a fine public spirit when through John S. Gunther, the reputy chief of the Granville fire department, they offered to raise the necessary balance to reach the prescribed quota for the purchase of the clock.

With the Washington County National Bank donating $1,000 towards the clock; $100 from the president of the McClintock Clock company, manufacturers of the clock; and from the many other voluntary sources, Saturday night’s $530 put it over the top so that plans are being made for the selection of the proper slogan which will be inscribed on the town clock as a memorial to the Granville men who are serving their contry in the present world conflict.

About 50 slogans are now being coded for submission to the judges’ committee which will select the winner and the winning slogan. Some very appropriate slogans have been received and only those will be considered by the judges which have a bearing on the principles for which the Granville men are fighting.

The slogan is to express the sentiment of the ideals of the present conflict. These will be turned over to the judges’ committee on Monday. The contest closes Saturday (this week) at 12 o’clock noon. No entries will be considered after this hour. Anyone who wishes to enter the contest may still do so now.

The judges committee selected by the town clock committee is: Mrs. R.E. Brown, chairman; C.F. McMaster, principal of the Granville schools; Mrs. Louis D. Goldberg, Miss Matie Minogue and Mrs. Jennie T. Nichols. The ladies have been particularly selected because of their service as officers in various patriotic organizations in Granville.

Mrs. Brown, the chairman, will call a meeting of the committee some time next week to choose the winning slogan so that the inscription may be turned over to Maynard D. Goodfellow in time to be sent in with the order for the clock. Further dedication ceremonies are being planned of which further announcement will be made public in the near future.

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