Granville Sentinel – July 1, 1943

All transcriptions by Matthew Rice of the Granville Sentinel.  Original errors were left in the copy as printed unless otherwise noted.

Granville Sentinel

Plans Complete For Carnival Saturday

Granville New York, July 1, 1943

The firemen are meeting on the old carnival lot this evening for the purpose of brining out their tents and paraphernalia to be erected on the Grange lot on the corner of Quaker and West Main streets for the one night carnival which is to be staged Saturday evening for the benefit of the town clock fund.

The response for the clock fund as met with enthusiasm by the people of the community and barring a rainy night Saturday it is expected that the goal for the necessary amount for the purchase of the clock will be reached.

The soliciting committee has made its report to Chairman Michael T. Minogue and if the Saturday night carnival is a success the full amount of the cost of the clock will have been reached. Slogans for the inscription on the clock as a memorial to the Granville men in the service are still coming in and contestants may send in as many as they wish.

The carnival will open about 7 o’clock Saturday and will continue until midnight. Arrangements are being made to have square dances with the other entertainments which will include bingo, high striker, fish pond and other games.

All of the proceeds will be given to the clock fund and anyone wishing to make a donation may do so with any members of the fire department associated with the carnival on the lot Saturday night.

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