Are Moonbats an Endangered Species?

Many of us who have been countering the radical left on the streets have noticed the decline in moonbat numbers since 2008.

It was inevitable once a Democrat was elected and that party gained control of every branch of the federal government.  The Anti-War movement is the creature of the same radical left who have captured control of the Democrat party.  They use the gullible protesters as a club to beat down any opposition to their progressive agenda.  In a word the protesters were always ‘tools’.

Moe Lane over at RightNetworks nails the issue:

…the antiwar movement is faltering because it was never an antiwar movement to begin with. It was an anti-Bush, anti-Republican movement, and now that neither of those entities is running things right now it is no longer necessary to keep it going. It won’t be eliminated, of course: after all, the way things are going the Republicans are primed to take power again within in the next two or three election cycles. Once that happens, the Democrats will then revitalize whatever withered cores still remain in the antiwar groups, and then use them to attack Republicans—until the Republicans are out of power once more. Lather, rinse, repeat.

Back in October Ringo documented an anti-war protest in Los Angeles:

International ANSWER, who at the height of the Bush years could easily get thousands of people to march in opposition to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, can now barely get 100 people to show up for a protest… And, of the 100 or so people who did attend the “8th Anniversary Protest Against the War in Afghanistan”, nearly all of them were either the same smelly old Communists who show up at every leftwing demonstration, or the usual clique of 9/11 “truthers” who regularly gather at various locations around Los Angeles to annoy tourists.

Manly’s Republic commented on the Code Pinko deficit back in 2009:

Whatever happened to the American Pink Moonbat (Chiropterus dementia roseus)? From their appearance in 2002 straight through the November 2008 elections, you couldn’t swing a dead cat near a military recruiting office or any gathering of two or more Republicans without hitting a Pink Moonbat. They infiltrated Congressional hearings. They stormed stages where vice-presidential candidates were speaking. It seemed like they were everywhere – especially at any gathering that protested our presence in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Since November 4, 2008, however, they seem to have faded away and, after January 20 of this year, apparently have gone into hibernation.

Have no fear, nature lovers, you can be assured the moonbats will be back just as soon as Republicans are back in office in Washington.  After all, the Democrats need plausibly deniable ‘tools’ to slam anyone who tries to address foreign affairs rationally.

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