Melanie Morgan turns the tables on Code Pink!

Melanie Morgan, patriot and radio talk show host, turned the tables on her long term nemesis, Code Pink, yesterday!

Here’s a prior confrontation from the Code Pink siege of a Marine Corps Recruiting Station.

Melanie Morgan facing off against Code Pink founder Medea Benjamin in Berkeley

Yesterday, Melanie and a group of intrepid conservative protested outside a fund raiser for Jerry Brown at the home of Jodie Evans, another Code Pinko.  Using the lefties own tactics of protesting outside private residences, Melanie and company managed to disrupt the event by laying down on the sidewalk in front of the entrance and confronting Jodie Evans about the large donation Code pink made to the families of the terrorists from Fallujah, Iraq, during the height of the Iraq War.

My hat is off to Melanie Morgan!

More here, here and here!


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