AAR: PGR Mission America’s 9/11 Ride

Today we had the honor of welcoming the hundreds of riders who drove their motorcycles into New York City from the Pentagon as part of the America’s 9/11 Ride sponsored by the America’s 9/11 Foundation.  Our own Frankie Bania was on the ride and I got a chance to welcome him in the middle of Seventh Ave!

Here’s the video of all the bikes exiting the Holland tunnel into the city!

The bikes proceeded uptown to the hotel where they were parked on all the adjoining streets.

There were many police rider contingents from around the country.

This family, from Australia, got to pose on a Police bike from El Paso, Texas!

Later there was a rally where a top of the line Harley Davidson was raffled off, and a police bike was donated to one of the forces that had riders on the trip!  The night concluded with entertainment, but I only stayed through the first song by the country western singer John Adam Murph.

More photos are hereon Facebook!

Here is the webshots album.

More reporting here!

Frankie has some photos from along the ride on Facebook!

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