AAR: Quantico, VA – Code Pinkos 8-8-10

Last Sunday Code Pink and all the usual suspects staged a protest in support of the Wikileaks traitor Pvt. Bradley Manning.

Uncle Jimbo of Blackfive did several interviews with the media, here he is with the local CBS affiliate.

CNN aired interviews with both sides, leading with Suzy (Medea) Benjamin.  I laughed out loud when she mentioned “in the United States I know and love“.  The only reason she is in America is because Cuba threw her out when she complained that the Castros weren’t communist enough!

Newsy did an excellent video with background and other views:

Fred Peterson being interviewed

Uncle Jimbo of BlackFive being interviewed

Concrete Bob with his "Osama Loves Code Pink" sign

Toothless Dawg wrote an after action report on the national GOE website:

Well, it was pretty disorganized to begin with. Code pink and their affiliated communist retards said they were going to meet up at the Amtrak Station in the town of Quantico. I was sitting about 100′ from the amtrak station to monitor their arrival. Even saw one get a ticket from the MPs for some reason … maybe being entitled…

Others arrived in groups of 2 – 6, wearing their ‘arrest Bush’ and ‘Stop the war in Iran’ T-shirts. I swear I think I recognized some of them from when I faced them in the 60s … they still haven’t taken a bath or washed their clothes.

Read the rest here!

More here, here and here.

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