Jihadi Killer v. Pantywaist, War Hero takes on New Mission!

Yesterday was a great day for New York and for America!

A man who is unafraid to take on seemingly impossible missions against daunting odds and achieve victory has been selected by the Republican Party of New York to run against the rock of statism in our congressional delegation, Chuck Schumer.

The story of yesterdays victory would fill its own book, but the similarities to the Afghanistan campaign of 2001/2002 are striking.

In Afghanistan Gary Berntsen (pronounced BURNT ZEN) worked with the Northern Alliance to outmaneuver and defeat in detail the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  Rallying a demoralized group, whose leader had been assassinated by suicide bombers just days before the 9/11 attacks, and facing seemingly insurmountable logistical and terrain problems, the men who went in improvised and adapted.  Vehicles and supply convoys were out and horses and pack animals were in.

Tactics were developed to integrate the oldest and newest of military technology to achieve advantage over, and defeat of, the opposition.

The campaign was a weird combination of space-age gadgetry (cell phones, GPS, laser targeting, aircraft and satellites, advanced comm gear and weapons) meshed with medieval combat (men on horseback, cavalry charges, hand-to-hand butchery, clanish rivalries, and primitive infrastructure). The role of horses was central since there was no other transportation for the tasks as hand. Failure to adapt to horseback would have doomed the effort, so adapt they did, though painfully since few of the SOG soldiers were horsemen.

The efforts of these men over a numerically superior enemy is the stuff of legends.

Fast forward to New York.

By 2008 Gary Berntsen had returned home to Long Island, written books, particularly Jawbreaker about the hunt for Osama Bin Laden in Afghanistan, and started a security consulting firm.  He was called upon to lead the Vets for McCain during the presidential campaign.  He answered that call and began traveling around NY State to rally support for the Senator.  Although those efforts were unable to overcome the tide of disaffection and ambivalence regarding the Senator, Gary made many contacts in the veteran community which would become useful later.  With the election over, Gary returned to his business and became a frequent national security commentator for the media.  His security projects included means of detecting and/or mitigating the dangers of IEDs to our troops which required several trips back to the front lines.

His intense interest in the IED problem is not without self-interest, his son and daughter are both in the military and his son is currently deployed to Afghanistan.  He remains committed to victory in the War on Terror.

Meanwhile, in 2009, the Tea Party movement swept across America.  This ragtag bunch of patriots, drawn from every political party and walk of life, alarmed by the intentions of the Democrat controlled Congress and White House, and infuriated at the spineless opposition put up by legislators who called themselves Republicans, took to the streets in small but growing numbers.  From dozens their numbers grew to hundreds, then thousands, then millions.  They fought their guerrilla war on the streets, in the town halls, on the courthouse steps all across America.  Finally they brought the fight to Washington, DC, in the greatest public protest ever in our nation’s capital.

This patriot army managed to stall the socialist agenda for months in its tracks.  Ignored at first, then derided and ridiculed by the media, they stood steadfast in their resolution that the greatest nation on the face of the earth should not be destroyed by a left wing agenda hell bent on that intent.  For months they held the line and raised the stakes for the Democrat machine.  Every month they fought the polls told the tale that the true nature of the governing party was not one that Americans agreed with.  Every barb they took from the media exposed the fact, and seared it into the memory of all Americans, that the media were no longer the impartial reporters and watchdogs of democracy they were intended to be, but rather, had become the publicists and propagandists for a for an agenda that most Americans could not agree with.

The war raged in special elections.  Tea Party Patriots finding it necessary to fight both the statists of the left and supposed allies in the Republican Party who thought that everything was business as usual.  Even when a candidate was not fully on board with the Tea Party message, such as Scott Brown in Massachusetts, they rallied behind him and showered him with support amounting to millions of dollars and thousands of boots on the ground to win an historic election.

Finally in an act of desperation and political suicide, the Democrats rammed through the Obamacare travesty with not a single Republican voting in its favor.  They were forced to use parliamentary tricks to start to nationalize the greatest healthcare system in the world.  Perhaps their thought was that the Tea Party Patriots would be so demoralized by defeat that the rest of the agenda could be rammed through without opposition.  They were wrong.

What the defeat did was galvanize the Tea Party resolve to defeat the enemy agenda (and I use the word ‘enemy’ in the same sense it is used in the oaths that all military and many public officials swear to, “enemies, foreign and domestic”).  It was increasingly clear that some Republicans were not conservatives at all, but rather collaborators in the march to big government socialism.  It was going to be necessary to retake the Republican party before they could retake the country.

During this period of time Gary Berntsen became active in the Tea Party movement and, while not a leader of the movement, his beliefs and experience made him an attractive candidate that the various groups could support.

He declared his candidacy for Congress for the 1st District of New York and received tremendous tea party support for that run, but, when it became apparent that no Republican of significant stature or credentials was available to run against Chuck Schumer, he decided to switch races and go for an opponent worthy of his attentions, an opponent particularly vulnerable in the areas of Gary’s strengths.

Unfortunately the powers that be in the Conservative and Republican Parties in New York were not receptive to that message.  Indeed some party leaders had grown increasing distant from the Tea Party movement and in one case had stated that the Tea Party Patriots were just a bunch of protesters.

Well yesterday the Tea Party mounted an Insurrection in New York!

Finally we have a candidate with the credentials and support necessary to Scrap Schumer!

The Jihadi Killer is going up against the Pantywaist!

More here and here.

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