AAR: Poughkeepsie Troop Rally on May Day

On May Day, that traditional holiday for the far left, the Poughkeepsie Troop Rally was joined by the Red Knights MC and one of our favorite Blue Star Moms, Chrissy, who memorialized the day in a video:

Pete Seeger, the darling of the left wingers on the opposite corner, decided to make an appearance and debate our side.Dennis reports:

Saturday, May 1, 2010 was a sunny and very warm day as we rallied in support of our troops. It was a very good day for patriotism. We had nearly all of our usual GOE stalwarts and a great number of new comers.
Our rally began with Pete Seeger (the folk singer who heads the anti troop rally across the street) making a visit to our corner to try to convince us of the irrationality of our efforts and to convert us to the pacifistic cause. He begins his argument with the statement that it is a wonderful nation that allows us to be able to disagree without shooting at each other. I agreed and suggested he thank the vets on our corner for winning, or at least defending that right. I reminded him that no one hates war more than those who had to duck bullets in fighting one. They, the vets, know the real consequences of war. Those of you who don’t know, Pete is a veteran of WW2, mostly carrying a banjo and not an M1.
Pete then brought to the fore a print copy of a speech Gen Douglas McArthur gave in the early 1950’s in which he protests war.  This is an old technique to convince us that even an old warrior like McArthur turned against war. There is only one problem with this. They are being disingenuous. McArthur wasn’t condemning war per se, but rather war as waged by the darling of the Left, FDR, who Commandered-in-Chief the war against the German and Japanese people. His aim was to so destroy the civilian populations of those countries that they would lose the will to continue the war. The good general had no problem conducting war against our enemies military. I guess Pete never fully nor seriously read the speech.
By the way, while Pete was on his hopeless mission, his minions were conducting their usual videotaping of the event from across the street to document our total capitulation to their greater cerebral powers.
Pete then brought to our attention that man is by nature an aggressive being, but as he has been evolving, he is becoming more prone to settling his disputes through arts, song, and sports and the heavy cost of the military will not be needed. I agreed that man has always been competitive in nature and that it can get aggressive at times. I also pointed out that as long as bad people can amass power, the only way to prevent them from harming others is to be stronger than they to the extent that they become afraid of attempting anything belligerent or stupid. It is in this way that the existence of the military actually preserves peace.  He went on to relate to the fact that the peace in Northern Ireland came about through song. The opposing sides met over a keg or two of beer and some instruments and drank and sang themselves into a peace agreement.  I agreed that the Irish have a tendency to stand around the kitchen drinking beer and singing but the peace accord was well in the works long before that night of revelry. I reminded him of the mothers of both sides getting together back in the 1970’s and the various peace initiatives that have taken place since and before the event of 4 or so years ago. I related the fact that the peace movement in Ireland was well under way and the backing for hostility was waning to the extent that Ian Paisley and the provos realized their time was passing and that a percent of the peace, which was inevitable, was much better than 100% of nothing.  If the songs of the night he mentioned hadn’t brought about the peace something else would have.
Shifting gears at this time Pete brought to our attention the Supreme Court case from the 1880’s in which the Supreme Court ruled that states could no longer revoke the charters of corporations they had incorporated. They could fine them and such, but they could not revoke their charters and this led the President of the time, Rutherford Hayes, to exclaim that because of this ruling we have become a nation of, by, and for corporations much like what just happened in our time with the recent Citizens United case. He wasn’t prepared for my response which was that I agreed with that earlier Court decision. I explained that a corporation once chartered and in operation is a culmination of peoples’ hard labor and treasure. To revoke their charter is tantamount to exterminating the corporation and stealing the fruits of their labor. This is especially true when one considers the willfulness of politicians. The party in power could wipe out all their opposition with the stroke of a pen, like someone is trying to do today. Much of the treasure invested in corporations comes from peoples’ pensions. Just look at what happened to the bond holders at Chrysler.
I don’t think Pete was wired but…. Realizing that he would better serve his cause back on his side of the street he finally asked me my name as though he was impressed with my reasoning and never heard of me before…not true. I wished him a Happy Birthday (he turns 91 on Monday May 3) and we shook hands in a most amenable way. He said he had people waiting for him. From our vantage point it looked like a particular big time civil rights attorney from the Hudson Valley and several journalists.
We had a number of new guests come and ally themselves with us.  The Red Knights Motorcycle Club from Peekskill way parked their 12 or so motorcycles and joined us on the corner for more than an hour. Thank You Jerry G, Frank K, Dave T, Jeff B, Kevin R, Rick W, Angelo N, Walt J, Charlie M, Dan D, and Rick R. We were also joined by Terry P, and Ernie F who each stopped by by themselves. We easily had between 25 and 30 manning the corner. God bless our troops and keep them safe!

Helen adds:

Poor old Pete – yeah we’ve “evolved” into gentle vegetarians who if pressed, will only  bop the Taliban over the head with our banjos!
The one doctrine of Christianity that is totally evident is Original Sin.  Pete will probably never get it.  Too bad too, because it doesn’t look like he has much time left.

Great work by all the patriots on Rte 9!


  1. jodeluna

    The Good Law Abiding, Tax Paying Citizens, believe that the United States has in it’s Conflicts with the Communists have tried to keep the world free. Anti-war groups and Socialists have for decades been the fifth column of the Communists.
    Pete Seeger is a tool of the Fer Left and has no relevance in This Country’s Patriot Duty to keep the World from Totalitarianism.

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