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One of our old IVAW opponents has mounted an attempt to infiltrate the Republican Party as a ‘libertarian’ Republican and win the nomination for Representative from New Mexico’s 3rd Congressional District.

Adam Kokesh appears to have bamboozled Ron Paul and Judge Napolitano into believing his trumped up credentials.

Here is Adam in his natural environment, conversing with Gael Murphy of Code Pink at a pro-Palestinian rally.

And a quote from the accompanying article:

Notice the pattern, here? Strong Sisters like Colonel Ann, Medea, Gael and Deserae, all of whom have traveled the worlds’ trouble spots, have time to motivate, encourage, and share with some of our best & brightest IVAW.

We have known that this ex-Marine is a dirtbag for a very long time.

Today Captain Larry Bailey the head of Gathering of Eagles, spoke about Kokesh on the G. Gordon Liddy radio show.

Podcast is here.

Michelle Malkin has more here!