RAF Pilot Takes One Between The Eyes and Still Saves 20 Lives

We have always heard that RAF pilots were a tough breed, but this account is nearly unbelievable!

An RAF Flight Lieutenant, Ian Fortune, (was his middle name Good? ..ed.) was shot between the eyes when his Chinook helicopter, similar to the one pictured above, came under heavy fire while he was lifting off on a casualty evacuation flight from a besieged base in Afghanistan.  Bleeding profusely, he managed to maintain control over his damaged aircraft and pilot it and it’s cargo of wounded safely to a nearby base.

Besides the casualties, the helicopter also carried British TV presenter Mike Brewer whose team was shooting footage in the war zone.

Jolly Good Show, Ian!

Read more about the story here and here.

Hat tip: Rantburg

Don Surber has more and another photo of Ian.

Updated 10-15-10:

Video of the flight!

Hat tip:  This Ain’t Hell


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