The Hurt Locker: Who is Sgt Ryan Gallucci?

The movie “The Hurt Locker” has been nominated for the Best Picture Oscar this year and the latest word is that the producer has been banned from attending the actual Oscar ceremony for denigrating other pictures that are up for the award.  Now comes word that the producers are being sued by an Army Master Sergeant, Jeffrey S. Sarver, who claims the movie’s central character is based on him.

But before the latest controvery I heard several radio newscasts mention that a Sgt. Ryan Gallucci is unhappy with the movie.

As part of monitoring the activities of IVAW and other anti-American groups we, along with other sites, do look for background information, where possible on those who claim to be military veterans to try and insure that imposters are not able to denigrate our troops.

I am very happy to report that Sgt Ryan Gallucci is NOT an imposter.  He is a genuine bonafide American patriot and hero.

Hailing from North Kingstown, Rhode Island, Ryan was activated and deployed during his sophomore year at the University of Rhode Island.  He and his unit spent months in 2003/4 on the Iraq/Iran border doing reconstruction and civil affairs assignments while living among the Iraq population.

He was interviewed in this radio sketch after his return.

And the University of Rhode Island has a story on him here.

So, we are happy to conclude that whether or not you agree with Ryan’s views on the “The Hurt Locker” he certainly has the experience to make them.

Thank you, Sgt. Gallucci, for your valuable service to our nation!After graduation Ryan went to work for AMVETS addressing veterans’ issues on Capitol Hill.

Below are three videos made of his discussion with Representative Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-TX)

Maybe we can recruit him to run for Congress from Rhode Island?


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