Climategate: Penn State Protest for an Independent Investigation

The Commonwealth Foundation of Pennsylvania and Young Americans for Freedom launched a protest on February 12th over the whitewash of the Penn State investigation into Michael Mann of “Hide the Decline” fame and demanding an independent investigation!

Michael, Michael, He’s Our Mann,

If He can’t hide it no one can!

2 4 6 8, Why don’t you investigate?

A Michael Mann supporter, Ed Perry, of the National Wildlife Federation made the usual “peer reviewed” argument that has been so thoroughly debunked.

Another group of climate change zealots is demanding an apology from the Commonwealth Foundation for having the temerity to protest their envirowhacknut religion!  A Penn State student responds!

A good media report is here.

More background here.

An unrepentent Mann gave a lecture on climate change hours after the protest.

Red State has more here.


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