AAR: PGR Mission Walter Haslam WWII Veteran

Another of the Greatest Generation has passed.

Walter Haslam, Tech 5, USAAF, was honored and remembered last week.

Alice writes:

Walter Haslam served his country in Europe during WWII. He held the rank of Tec 5 in the USAAF. He never spoke of the battles he was in, but always said how proud he was to serve his country. He lived in Westbury for 50+ years.

Shortly after his neighbors, Bill and Maureen Johnson moved in, Walter’s beloved wife Muriel passed away.  Bill and Maureen “adopted” Walter. He was invited to their home for every celebration.  Maureen made sure Walter had dinner.  They took him to concerts. For his 85th birthday we took him to see Michael Buble.  Prior to the concert we had drinks and birthday cake at the Rainbow Room.

Every summer the Johnson’s would arrange a “Summer Soiree” for Walter and his friends.  Enjoying cocktails and listening to his favorite singer, Frank Sinatra and other standards singers. He looked forward to that all year.

When Walter’s health started to decline he was moved to a nursing home.  Maureen and Bill visited him religiously. They dressed up for Christmas and  entertained there.  Two days before he died, Maureen put on a CD of “Time After Time”.  At one point, with eyes closed, he started belting out the song.  He told Maureen that he knew his wife was waiting for him and he lay there holding Maureen’s hand.

He was a great friend and I always had a wonderful time when I would see him at the Johnson’s.  We will all miss the light and sparkle he brought to our lives.

Remember each and every one of these heroes for their sacrifices helped ensure that the United States would become the greatest nation on earth.

Many more photos are here.

More Videos are here, here, here and here.

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