Which Course for the Future? Warfare or Lawfare? The origins of Lawfaregate

Our friend Jim Hanson (Uncle Jimbo) is interviewed about the terrorist trials that the Obama administration still wants to hold in the United States:

What we have here is a massive failure on the part of this administration to identify the enemy and prepare a strategy and tactics with which to defeat them.  The failures just continue to mount and paint a picture of collusion and incompetence which are actively endangering the citizens of the United States.

  • Refusal to use the term “WAR” to describe our conflict with radical Islam.
  • Attorney General Eric Holder’s failure to recuse himself from any decision regarding the Gitmo detainees in light of his law firm’s strenuous efforts to delay military tribunals for those prisoners.
  • Halting all tribunal actions even in cases where the detainees had pled guilty or been found guilty.
  • Deciding to move detainee jurisprudence from military tribunals to civilian federal courts where these terrorists whose intent is the destruction of the United States will be given the full rights of American citizens.
  • Failure to transfer custody of the Detroit aircraft bomber to Intelligence or Military custody for intense questioning regarding his claim that there are more terrorists in training to execute similar attacks.

It has become apparent that the Administration’s policy has risen to a level of threat to the citizens of the United States that it deserves its own name, Lawfaregate.

Hat Tip:  Blackfive


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