Democrat Party Sinks to New 9-11 Low

Not satisfied with returning the state of our national security to a level befitting their disastrous pre 9-11 policies, the democratic senatorial campaign committee released an attack ad which used the World Trade Center as a backdrop to an image of Scott Brown while they accused him of supporting greed.

Reminiscent of the Ward Churchill charge that the towers were filled with “little Eichmanns” the latest usage reinforces the lefty image that the towers were a symbol of greed and those that perished in them deserved their fate.

It is an absolutely despicable meme and so inherent to their thinking that they blindly include these images without the slightest thought to how they will appear to the families who lost their loved ones in the horrible attack.

The sooner these people can be voted out of offices where they can do more harm the better.

More here, here and here.

To support Scott Brown against the people who would dare smear the heroes of 9-11 go here.


  1. They are desperate and dispicable and I believe Scott Brown is going to rub their noses in their own dirt come this Tuesday in Massachuettes! We must PROTECT the vote in Massachettes!

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