Patriot Convicted For Obama Hate Crime!

Welcome to the new gulag!

On September 12, 2009, when millions were marching in the streets of Washington and crowding around the Capitol, another story was unfolding in the basement of the courthouse on Indiana Avenue, a few short blocks away.

One of our members, a quiet unassuming young lady, was being held in custody awaiting arraignment.  Her crime?  Throwing a cheap campaign poster of Barack Obama in the garbage at a restaurant.

The story began the night before as the last troop bus rolled into the gates of Walter Reed.  We left the hospital gates and went to the Hyatt Regency where the sign making party was in full swing!  After a few refreshments we split up.  I headed back to the hotel and another group went searching for a place to eat.

They found a place only a block away called the Billy Goat Tavern, a hole in the wall joint which is part of a Chicago chain.  In retrospect it was a bad choice and not just because of the lousy food.

Suzi, our patriot, after receiving her food sat at a table near the window.  A cardboard picture was hanging off the wall over her table, being held up by some electrical wires.  She took the sign and threw it in a garbage receptacle.

Unknown to her, the owner of the tavern, and at least one of his workers, are strident Obama fans and the cardboard sign was a picture of Obama of the type that were sold by the thousands as souvenirs for the inauguration.  We later discovered that the owner had hosted a cheeseburger Ball on inauguration night although no one of note appears to have attended.

The cashier, having noticed Suzi’s disposal of the picture, ran into the kitchen to tell her boss.  He came out enraged.  He grabbed Suzi, but was then warned off by our guys who were in attendance so he backed away a bit.  He continued a stream of vitriol which prompted our folks to herd Suzi out of the tavern and away from the owner.

The owner pursued, yelling constantly and swearing that he would make Suzi pay for what she had done.  He tried to grab her again several times, but was kept away by the protective cordon our guys established.  Finally he started yelling that he had family in the Metropolitan Police and he was going to have her arrested and thrown in jail.  He whipped out his cell phone and made a call, yelling into the phone when it was answered.

In the meantime this whole scene was carried on for about two blocks as our guys tried to get Suzi away from this lunatic.  Then the police came.

Four cars worth.  You would almost suspect that a bank heist had occurred.

The Captain in charge spoke to the owner and went with him back to the tavern.  He later returned to where the police were holding everyone and informed them that Suzi was going to be arrested for Felony Destruction of Property because the owner told him that the picture which had been tossed in the garbage was worth several thousand dollars.

When our guys objected to the exorbitant value placed on the cardboard picture, the captain went back to speak to the owner and came back with a new value of $500 which was the lowest amount he could put on the object and still make the crime a felony.

In the beginning of this video you can hear our patriots telling the Tavern owner to stay away from Suzi.

And so Suzi was handcuffed, searched and driven off to jail.

This was the point where I became involved again as I received a frantic phone call that the arrest had taken place.  I drove to the police station where she was taken and was denied permission to speak with her or speak to anyone that could pass her a message.  The police were uncooperative.  So we got the information about where the arraignment would take place in the morning and headed back to the hotel.

The first thing we did when we got back to our rooms was to videotape eyewitness accounts of what transpired.

Dawn broke on September 12, 2009, with hundreds of thousands of patriots arriving on buses from all over the nation.  Tea Partyers who had arrived earlier streaming out of their hotels.  The Washington subway packed with folks streaming in from the outlying suburbs.  And our stalwart group of New Yorkers trying to fight the traffic and get across town to the courthouse where our compatriot was due to be arraigned.

We passed groups of dozens and more of patriots marching from their drop off points toward Independence Plaza and we rode past the west side of the Plaza itself which was already packed shoulder to shoulder to overfilled with people.

When we finally arrived at the courthouse we were told the arraignment would be delayed to 11am.  Making sure that one or more of us was always present at the courthouse to monitor the situation the rest of us took turns walking the two blocks to Pennsylvania Avenue to witness the largest march on the Capitol the United States has ever seen.

More later.

  1. This is a damn shame. I found this on twitter today & went to the youtube to view it.

    I would not want to eat my dinner with a fricking Obama poster staring me in the face. I would had snatched it down to (considering it was hung up w/rusty wires).

    There needs to be a special day set aside to do an Obama Poster trash day.

  2. Stuart

    Has anyone notified Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann?

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