Barack Obama: Presidential Hubris on Gitmo Transfer

Where are they going to house the gitmo terrorists in the United States?

They have chosen a prison in Thomson, Illinois, and have announced that selection.  Unfortunately, there need to be public hearings before such a decision is made by the Illinois General Assembly to sell the prison to the Federal government.  Our friend, Blue Star Mom Bev Perlson, of the Band of Mothers, is leading the charge to oppose this decision.  She is organizing a rally at 1pm on Dec. 22nd for the General Assembly Hearing at Sterling High School, 1608 4th Avenue, Sterling, Illinois in opposition to any decision to move the Gitmo detainees there.

This rally is supported by the 9/11 Never Forget Coalition!

Here she is on Fox News yesterday:

Sign the petition!

News story here!

Here is the White House background briefing, read the questions!


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