AAR: Poughkeepsie Troop Rally 12/12/09

Snow has arrived in the Hudson Valley!

Dennis reports:

We had our usual contingent of patriots but we also were joined by a Navy mother and later an Army mother. The Navy mother, who is becoming a regular, told us that her son has been accepted into OCS and will report there at the end of his current cruise. He wants to become a Naval aviator.

Our Army mom who has also been coming to the corner on a regular basis got a major surprise this week when her son, who is deployed to Iraq, showed up at home with almost 3 weeks leave.  She couldn’t wait to bring him to the corner, which she did.  While there, Jerry had to go talk to our celebrity opposition [Pete Seeger & The Moonbats] to tell them that he was proud to serve so that they would be able to voice their protests.  They received him well!

We outnumbered them again!  Another victory for pro America!

Proud Army Mom sent this video to commemorate Jerry’s visit!

Note:  The Poughkeepsie Troop Rally is a weekly event every Saturday Noon to 2pm on the southeast corner of Rte 9 and Vassar Road.  Stop by and say hello to the veterans!


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